Tuesday, January 31, 2017

AAR: Bolt Action Tank War: Guards Darn It! British Guards Armor Versus German.

       It was another Tuesday morning face off with my friend, Danny. And like all games that we have, I have been a goal of beating him in a game twice, since it was only once in the whole year of 2016. But this year, I can feel it! This year is going to be the year! It just was not meant to be today during a Tank War. In the past couple of WW2 tank battles we have been playing, we were using the Iron Cross rules. They are quick and brutal. I figured that I would show Danny the Tank War scenario for Bolt Action and see how it turns out. Honestly, I thought we were going to be playing Wings of Glory! But there tends to be change of plans a lot with in our group. Just like Saturday, two of are friends were going to be playing the Osprey Publishing's Rogue Stars. I keep thinking of the line from the movie Spaceballs every time I hear of these rules. "Only one man would dare give me the raspberry! Lone Star!"
      Back to the tank at hand. Yes, I am corny sometimes! This time, Danny was going to be the wily British armor versus my trusty Germans......who did not sleep well,..... who must be still drunk.... and do not know how to sight targets. Danny had nine Cromwell tanks and four Sherman Fireflies. My Germans were equipped with five Panthers, two Panzer IV H's, and a Puma, since every German player in Bolt Action seems to own this model. As in the scenario, we rolled off for how many objectives and table sides. We had six objective either side can control while with in six inches. The scenario mentions that an objective is not held if another enemy unit is also within six inches. I guess the battles must take place in towns only. Sissies! Well, maybe the game is more interesting in tables full of blocking terrain. Our game was not going to be that way.
      The basic rundown of the game was as follows. The first turn saw a Cromwell tank destroyed. The second, was a Panzer IV destroyed, two Cromwell died, and Sherman Firefly was disabled. Then, there was a lull in the game, because we talked about current American politics, the now silliness of the 80's show Air Wolf that was on T.V., and lunch. That seemed to be a mistake, since I looked liked I was winning. However, third three started with six orders with Danny firing at me rolling fives, fives, fives and sixes, for nearly everything in a row, thus killing three Panthers, forcing one down, and pinning the other. Then, the Puma died. I killed a few more tanks, then, everyone else died on the Germans side. The British only lost four Cromwell tanks!

These first six shots are of the battlefield.

Taking the hill.

The Firefly is hit, but undamaged.

First kill!

Trying to take out the Sherman Firefly on the hill.

Coming in guns a blazin'!

Two German tanks on fire and the cows don't care.

This Firefly got disabled from a hit.

These two were destroyed by Panthers right before lunch.

This Sherman Firefly never killed a tank!

One Cromwell tank dies to good shooting.

These two were the last to go!

Finale shots!

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