Saturday, January 28, 2017

AAR: Bolt Action: Welcome to the Jungle: Imperial Japanese Versus American Airborne

      It has been a long time coming, but I knew it was matter of time that I would brush up with the Far East Front of WW2 against. And of course, it seems to be know surprise that my friend, Joe would bring over these evil Japanese to force me to make a Jungle table. Oh, the humanity of wargaming the Pacific! I sure this is just a beginning to more terrain ideas and such. But that is the great thing about new territory: it is new!
     So it has been a minute, since I last played Joe in anything. It seems that since Kalissa and I have moved to Fayetteville, NC, I have been locked in a brutal gaming contest or race on wins and losses with Joe. I tend to not use last names to protect the guilty. So for the first time in months, he offered up an interesting proposal to play a Bolt Action Campaign called "Road to Victory" which you can find on the WWPD website. And in does not take much to start it. You need a command team and two squads of infantry and some support options that you random roll for. In a way, the genius of this campaign is that you can use it to convince someone to play and piece meal buy a force like an escalation league. You can roll you support in advance, buy, and paint before a scheduled day. Simple! And there is nothing saying it has to be restricted to Bolt Action rules only.
    Joe decide to bring over the Japanese. A good part of me was looking forward to it, based off of just reading Bill O'Reilly's Killing the Rising Sun  and only playing against the Japanese once in Bolt Action. I chose to use Airborne, since the 503rd was in the Pacific Theater, and it would have looked better with Airborne than regular infantry in raincoats. Joe, also did not expect me to make a themed table. I, honestly, just wanted to see if it could be done. Besides, we have agreed to play no less than six games for this campaign. We played two in one day. This post has the photos of the first slaughter. I did not realize that his Japanese were all rated as "Fanatics" and also ignored pins, with exceptions of passing orders and such. There was nothing like having a full squad of Japanese hop out of a truck and assault you, especially, when you assaulted the truck first! It happens! Game one, goes to Joe!
The first shots are of the table I made the morning before Joe came over. It was my first attempt for Jungle terrain. The darker grass was considered marshland.

I got a bombardment to shake things up!

The Japanese rolled on the table to get a free truck to drive around in. I rolled and did not.

Hanging out!

Japanese tank!

The first ones to arrive.

A truck is loaded and really to go!

I decided to go up the road without realizing how dumb this was.

These Japanese fire from the safety of cover.

The evil sniper team and  47mm AT gun.

I am aware the 82nd was not in this theater, but they are now!

The three bodies were my command team who all died in the first and only round of shooting against them!

A Sniper keep killing people like it was their job!

The Japanese danced all over my Paratroopers!

My Paras had to seek revenge!

The Type 97 Chi-Ha.......of Doom!

Point blank: No kill!

The same situation on the second shot! The Japanese tank does get disabled in the last round!

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