Saturday, January 21, 2017

AAR: Bolt Action: A Duel Against Patrick's Germans

      So it has officially become a new tradition amongst the two of us wargamers to play one game a year at Siege of Augusta. Last year, I met another fellow Bolt Action Player named Patrick for our first Bolt Action Tournament my wife, Kalissa ran. Wanting to test some of the mission before the day of the tournament, I decided to play against his Germans with my wife's American Airborne. They were quickly dispatched, and promised a rematch for the next year. This posting is about that rematch.
     For the tournament, in case I had to play to even the odds, I brought my not-so-trusty Romanians along for the trip. I wanted to get them some more action, so I can gain a little faith. Like-wise, Patrick brought a newer German force themed for snow.  Unfortunately, I did not have any big boards with snow to match his theme. I plan to next year. He also had yet to try the Second Version of the Bolt Action rules. So that made my Romanians veterans so to speak! It is too bad that they did not perform as such.
    We played the "Key Points" mission in which we were to capture as many points as we can. We rolled to find we had four total points: two on each side. We both moved to take two objectives, and then, spent the time slugging it out in through hedgerow fire. It was with a bunch of bad shooting that lead to the slow motion demise of my troops. By the end of the game, I lost all units with exception of my Panzer IV and my medium mortar. Both of those units accounted for not killing a soul. Sort of the drunken A-Team!
   Either case, Patrick is fun to play against. Our first game we ever played against each other the year before ended at 2:30 A.M. We had decided to not repeat that time frame. This year's ended at 1:00 A.M. Maybe, next year's game will end before Midnight. Only time will tell! Here were the rest of the game photos.

I like German Armored Cars, even when they are not my own!

Romanian push!

You would think that point blank would have killed so much! All of the pins and death were long range ones!

This was the end of the Romanians with exception of a Artillery Observer team in the house.

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Romanian hedgerow row!

This Panzer IV lost it's combat effectiveness with pins and the thoroughly hated "Turret Jam" rule, which was also outlawed from the tournament!

Germans like snow so much, they bring it with them.

This half track drove up to shoot my medium machine gun in the face at point blank.

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