Thursday, January 26, 2017

AAR: Bolt Action: "Whoa Mohammed!" Part Two:


This is a continuing of the Bolt Action Game I was playing with Danny. However, since he could not make it over, I continued the game solo, because the table has to be changed out for another game with another friend. This is the first time I played a solo game in years, back to 2011, maybe. Despite this, it was still in the spirit of Danny being here, since I updated him online while I played it out. I, even, used his dice to roll for his side. And those dice seemed to have wanted some serious vengeance! 
The game had three more turns. The Germans successfully kept the British off the last objective at the intersection, but they lost the farm and the bridge. There was lots of violence in these turns. I think that the Germans I had could have done better, but had to deal with the remaining Paras. Because of their presence, I could not focus on another objective without losing the current one held. The game ended with the Germans at 16 pts. and the British at 18 pts. The objectives were four points each with the unit kills as one. Actual KIA for sides: Germans 79 and the British 54. Anyway, here are the photos of the game.

This was at the beginning of the game. Danny has already seized the bridge allowing British armor to come on. The random rolling on a D-10 make all six units, Cromwell tanks based off of some low rolls. Otherwise, there could have been Sherman Fireflies everywhere.

One the armor came on and the British Paras shot them up, it was game over for these Germans.

In the middle, the 1st Lieutenant and his trusty sidekicks run towards other members of the force for support and to hide from the sniper fire that has been horrible. 

This Panther drove up to "pointblank" shoot these Paras for using a PIAT against another Panther destroying it.

These Paras are under heavy fire while a PIAT team fired, but missed this Panther tank.

A Vickers machine gun sets up to fire on the Pak40 AT gun.

The Panther make short work of these Airborne, but distract from the armored threat at hand.

The British Airborne try to hold out in the hedgerows against the armor.

What was left of the Germans fighting against the British.

The 88 Flak finally gets to fire!

The 88 destroys a Cromwell tank!

The Cromwell tanks fire back!

The Panthers try to tank out armor at long range!

At the same time, they dice the Airborne with their machine guns.

Cromwell's everywhere!
Infantry supports this tank!

The Germans only have tanks and AT guns!

A Cromwell shoots at a Panther while another HE's a farmhouse to rid of a sniper!

One round hit a German at this 88 Flak gun.

Traffic Jam!

The British infantry has to walk into combat.

AT guns arrive for the British!

17 pdr. AT Gun.

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