Sunday, January 29, 2017

AAR: Bolt Action: Welcome to the Jungle: Imperial Japanese Versus American: Game 2

   Though, this was the second game of the same day, I decided to break up the action on this blog. Despite the failed first experience of the Japanese, it seemed the American Airborne learned some serious lessons from Joe's Japanese. Since we were playing a campaign, we had to roll for the changed in experience our troops we had based on the last battle. Would it surprise you that the two command teams gained no new experience based off of doing nothing. Well, mine died and was demoted. My one squad that was labelled "Regular" in the first game demoted to "Inexperienced" in the second. I am sure it had to do with dying 100% without killing a soul in the last game. So, in a sense, the rating system was fairly accurate with exception of the sniper on the Japanese side who gain no promotion, despite hitting a killing every turn. I am not complaining.
   In our second game, I rolled off the game type. We were to play a "Three Point Defense" with myself choosing to defend, despite my two "Inexperienced" units and a possible bombardment before turn one. As for extra support, I rolled for two vehicles. One was a light tank; the other was an armored car. I did not have a light tank, and chose to trade it for a squad of Airborne. This was the smarter choice, since the Japanese seem to be brutal and tanks cannot hold objectives.
   Since the Japanese had to come to me, it was easier to defend against. I ended up winning this battle. Most of this was bad rolling for Joe and great shooting for me. My armored car was the star in most cases. He gained another truck, which is modeled as a M5 Half-track along with a Tankette, and another squad. My armored car shot and kill the tankette, as well as, disabled both trucks! The Sherman Tank learned from the last game and killed the Chi-Ha Tank in the first turn. The rest was a Japanese advance was a slaughter. Oddly, I took more pictures of this game. This was not because I was winning. This was mostly because we had a longer game! So, again, Joe and I are even on victories! The never-ending  cycle continues!

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