Monday, June 18, 2018

Olustee Project: The Labels of Work!

    Yeah, I went there with my corniness! It has been quite a feat up to this point for preparing for Historicon. We are well on our way to another success story, hopefully. I have a few more trees to make, some markers, some figures to paint, and a railroad track to finish for the more physical work. My wife, Kalissa has taken the work of making up my revised rules and their quick reference sheets for the game. I got the feeling that she was getting into this, since she would otherwise be bored for being out of school. She was also nice effort to make my labels for my troops and these pictures show. I chose white letters on black for the fact they will not look like an eye sore across the battlefield. Below are just the troops I have labelled. We have a couple more to label after painting them and some others that just did not get theirs. But fear not! I plan on having them ready for a near future test game.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

AAR: What A Tanker: It Helps To Win When You Actually Fight Back!

      Just to get out and about, some friends ours decided to meet up at our local Hobbytown U.S.A. to play What a Tanker of Too Fat Lardies. A couple of things that made this game happen other than to game was that our friend had borrowed some of our tanks to play the same game at Nashcon. This did not happen. Rather than add to the chaos of an already filled car, we let him take them back to Fayetteville. I am sure he will read this possibly thinking he was used. He was! So we would have to get back our tanks eventually. The other reason was to test out my new camera to replace our old one. We had been photographing with our phone for the last year and that gets a little old running out of room for storage. I ended up getting a Nikon D3400. This way when I am running my games at Historicon at the same time Kalissa is running hers, we can both photo at the same time. And as you can see from the pictures, there seems to be a nice improvement. This was the camera's maiden voyage to the miniatures world.
     As for our game, Hugh and Kalissa teamed up as the British against the Germans. Our friend, Tim and I were the German. I would say German team, but I was not much of a team player. One could say that my job was a target distraction. I spent most of the game taking hits In fact, this is the first game that I never shot a round at anyone. A saner person would have taken the lost and bail out of a tank that damaged, but did not want to give a point so freely to my wife. She did kill me in the end.
    The real fight was against Tim and Hugh. Both lost tanks in the battle, but they took turns dodging out of trouble. The best shot Hugh had on Tim was a shot in the ass in the open. It was a easy shot, but Hugh rolled nearly the worse roll out of seven dice. Only one dice was above a two! It was rather amazing, since Hugh's Guard dice roll rather well in most games. Only Kalissa left the game without loosing a tank. Below are the rest of the game shots. Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

AAR: Pantheon: A Recent Late Night Demo!

     In an evening not so long ago, some friends of ours joined us at our house to play a Mythic Battles: Pantheon game. Kalissa figured that she could practice being a game master for our next convention: Historicon. Our friend, William brought over one of his friends named Wayne to hang out, so it was a perfect opportunity to test teaching the new rules. William, Wayne, and I played in a 3 vs. 3 game. Of course, I took Athena as my goddess. William took Zeus, since he like his lightning abilities. Wayne took Ares. Kalissa directed him to take Ares, since he is a more strait forward God with the least amount of complex rules. I got to start the game with William having the next turn to show how the system works. Wayne did not really have any issues picking up the game. It is not that hard, but the game can still have some complexity to make the outcome interesting.
     In my case, William has been having a specific blood lust for killing my units. This seems to stem from the multiple games that I have won. First thing that happens, Zeus lightnings my Amazons! They had not even fired a shot with their bows, but they were gone until Athena revived them again. There were quite a few battles between my until and Zeus's. Ares only really got into battle after I sent in the Hydra in the center to mess with everyone. With and special attack, I can hit everyone in neighboring spaces with a hit. It was very useful taking down different units. The Hydra was also able to throw Zeus into the same space as Ares for fighting purposes. With so many units in an area, Zeus decided to use in Lightning Area attack in his own space. William found out that Zeus also takes the hits as well if he is in the same space. With Zeus down to one life point and Ares had nearly collected enough gems, I decided to try to kill Zeus for the win with none other than the resurrected Amazons he had first killed at the beginning of the game. I just did not roll what I need. Wayne won the game in the end. Below were the pictures.


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Nashcon 2017 Bolt Action Tournament

        A second time is a charm for this year's Bolt Action Tournament at Nashcon. It is not to say that the first one we ran was unsuccessful, but it was the first tournament where Kalissa and I had a full house. We had 22 players for a 20 player tournament. I just happened to bring more terrain just in case there were some stragglers. The earlier Siege of Augusta Tournaments were met with some disaster with everyone catching the flu. This seems normal for a tournament that happened in January. This last tournament was not in January!
   This Nashcon tournament saw 4 players returning from last year and everyone else new to the scene. And everyone seemed to get along great. The games were highly entertaining from the observation stand point, since I did not have to play. My Romanians were really if necessary. There were three mission played for an all-day affair. The missions were Sectors, Envelopement, and Free-for-all. This tournament was a bit of extremes when it came to dice rolling. The same went for most of the people on their leader board standings. For watching how Kalissa was keeping track, players changed positions dramatically for turn to turn. It was like watching a Basketball Bracket going wrong, so the final ranks did not completely match how good any player was. The unit kills broke a lot of three to five way ties. Below are the ranks by first name and army:

  1.   Richie        Soviets
  2.   Al H.          Soviets
  3.   Jamie         Germans
  4.   Alex           Germans
  5.   Cory           Finnish
  6.   Brad           Americans
  7.   Scott          Americans
  8.   Michael     British
  9.   Bud            Germans
  10.   Rob            Germans
  11.   Lee             Germans
  12.   Allen          British
  13.   Brian          British
  14.   Timothy     Germans
  15.   Sal              Italians
  16.   Al G.          Americans
  17.   Charles       Americans
  18.   Hunter        Germans
  19.   Don            Germans
  20.   Joe             Germans
  21.   Tim             Romanians
  22.   John            Germans

   Thanks for all of the players that came out to have fun with us! A special thanks goes out to all the people and companies that support our events. They are:

Warlord Games,
Impudent Mortal,
Cigar Box Mats,
Crescent Root Studios,
Trenchworx Designs,
and of course...
The Nashcon Staff