Monday, September 16, 2019

AAR:Congo: Kong Says: No!

     I decided to hate myself a little further in gaming by painting the Forrest Tribe for our Congo game. As I may have mentioned before, Kalissa did really well with this faction when she first played the rules at one of the Historicon conventions. So I kind of took my time on them after I figured out how they played. However, the time had come to experience this faction in their natural habitat with a scenario to capture Kong. I believe this is the second mission that is in the book. I did not really read it. For if I did, I would have really knew how much of an uphill battle this was going to be.
    I ran the White Man Expedition to capture or kill Kong, the spirit of the jungle. The forrest tribe were the defenders. I would come in to roll for fatigue from my march somewhere. Of course, I killed off one of my men just with this roll first thing! As the game played, I was not shooting very well, but Kalissa was. I thought that there was a chance she might move in for melee, since one group of my was reload their muskets. In the end, this happened to be true, but with Kong that I did not know had range of me. Yeah.....he killed the unit in one attack with no survivors. And thus, the downhill went. I was able to kill quite few tribesmen, but with no prevail to any fully dead units. Kong had 8 lives that I took down to 4. I had seven turns to do this, but only four rounds to shoot. Needless to say, I did not win. It was definitely an interesting game. Anyway, here are some more pictures. Enjoy!

AAR: Lord of the Rings: Battle Companies: The Thrashing of the Wargs

       These are some photos of my ill-fated game challenge Elves with Warg Riders. This was the third game I have fought against Zack in Battle Companies. He started the game worried about my force. He stated this the other two games which lead to the exact opposite to occur. Maybe, this is like telling someone that they are going to "Roll a one!" Game fate says, "Challenge excepted!" So I was challenging elves that either used "Might" for heroic charge or winning initiative making Warg Riders pretty much ineffective. Their bows shot out a whole bunch of Wargs. And every hit against was a kill with except of two. However, I was able to kill one elve! Mini-goal accomplished! That said elve was perimently killed at a cost of 9 points versus my periment loss of my main leader and another at the cost 91 points. Yeah...... that was a fair trade. The theme I seem to have with this game is that it seems to hate more particular than normal. No problem!

AAR: Bolt Action: Early War Rumble

 It was a couple weekends ago, where Kalissa and I was invited over to our friend, Matthew's house to play a multiplayer Bolt Action game. He had a couple of friends from the area he moved from come over to visit and play games. What was cool about this is that I got to play on a commission mat that I made a year earlier. It did not expect that, but I am glad the Matthew was stationed at Fort Bragg. The more the merrier when when it comes to good company and wargames!
   Anyway, we ended up playing a "Three Point Defense" mission which is more of a six point one. The was an early war WWII game with the French defending against a German push. Now, since it was based on equal points, it did make for an uphill assault for the Germans. This was fine, since I figured that I probably was going to have to rely on luck. This blog is filled with my rolling luck standards. Once the artillery started falling on the Germans, things went down hill. That was at least on my side of the table. The other German player named Nathan was doing much better of an assault against my wife's French. Instead, I spend more time either taking hits or attempting assaults. For my counter French player, Jamie, he had some bad rolls as well. By turn six, it was over. Both sides for the Germans failed to take an objective, though it was much closer for victory against Kalissa. In the end, Kalissa mentioned that she would rather stick with playing with British. Either way, it was a great time, and I hope we will get to do more games like this.