Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Testing out Warlord's Cruel Seas

      Recently, our friend, Joe had got his pre-order deal for Warlord Games Cruel Seas. This is a small skirmish naval game dealing with WWII Raiding boats, such as, Torpedo Boats and such. He asked people in our group about playing it. Honestly, as many know, I am not big into naval games, but there are some that I am willing to try like simple naval games like Sails of Glory. I still have never played that game.  The one person I knew who had anything for that game decided to sell his Sails of Glory stuff. This seems to be common practice for quite a few fellow wargamers we know. They have a mind like squirrels and react to gaming interests. It changes constantly. As Kalissa said on the way over, " there are squirrels that make decisions, and then, there are pancake road squirrels." Commiting to a decision in the gaming world can be hard, I know.
     Anyway, back to Cruel Seas. This was a fairly similar game to Bolt Action, but with boats. Joe and I tried out two missions where he was the pesky British and I was the Germans. The ranges in this game are measured in centimeters. So if you get this game and what to use your own tape measure, make sure it has centimeters. The game's core set came with three measuring sticks that also had angles drawn in for turning your boat. The boats can go four speeds and apparently, you can possible ram each other. I did not get to do this with these rules yet. I will have to try it the next time we play. It is also possible to have your movement interrupted with other boat's wake. Mines are mentioned as well.
    As the games went, I found that my Germans were not as good at shooting, though I managed to sink one British boat in the first game. The second game, I got a chance to fire torpedoes at a freight ship, but was only able to leave it alive by one point. I imagine that if the Germans have painted boats, they will hit their targets much better. At least, that is the lie I am telling myself. I am pretty sure that Joe will bring this game out, again. We both had fun playing it for it's first time out. I might invest it this game in the future. Who knows. However, I have some other projects to tend to at hand.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

AAR: Lord of the Rings: Where There's A Whip, There's a Way!

    It was more fun-filled action with another game of Lord of the Rings. Kalissa and I decided to play for the second time at Hobbytown to get out of the house and be more social. Plus, I have a little bit of chaos going on at the house with projects. I was able to make section of the commission Lord of the Rings mat and speed paint some figures as well. Though, I gave up at the early time of 3 A.M. with the figure painting. So there are some unfinished painted figures in our game. It happens.
   We definitely had some more forces when we played. I did outnumber my wife by a bit, but we were testing some more rules out. Plus, there was a good chance of Kalissa rolling great and destroying me. However, she did not care one way or another, because she was not rolling well by the end of the game and I was winning on numbers. I am sure that fortunes will change with the Army of the Dead and the rest of her Rohirrim. Either way, I will have to finish off some more figures in the future.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

AAR: Lord of the Rings: First Blood

        In a rare event sometimes, people can catch me involved in a Fantasy or Sci-fi game. It is a rare event, but it can happen in public. And that was the running joke between my wife, Kalissa and I when we went out to our local Hobbytown, U.S.A. to try out the new Lord of the Rings rules and figures I had kind of speed painted. We had thought about it and realized that we seem to always go to Hobbytown when it is raining and when no one is there to witness us play an actual Fantasy game. We played Pantheon: Mystic Battles there once to an audience of near no one last time. But when we play Historical games, we are surrounded Warhammer and X-Wing in a packed room. Interesting?
      Anyway, our trial run of this game was being tested with Rohirrim Riders versus Warg Riders. I due enjoy cavalry charges! Now, as a test run, we did not follow all of the rules exactly in our two games. Since I had not painted in figures that were dismounted or have unmounted rides, we combined the health of our troops to two wounds to kill. This would make for more turns ( So I thought!) and more repetition of how this game runs. You can read rules all day long, but the best practice is to play it out. There is only the one problem with playtesting rules and learning them against your wife....... WHEN SHE LOVES THE GAME! There is a vast amount of losing in ridiculous roles of 1's and 2's when this happens. Wifeness is rolling nearly every roll on a d6 at 5's and 6's. Sometimes, she would give up a 4 to make me feel better. In this game, we were only missing the skipping around the table of winning. First game, all Orcs had died while the realm of humans lost no one. I am sure you can guess who was running the Orcs.
    Game 2 was a little more balance. For one, I did win that one. However, it was fairly matched in combat. It did not matter much to Kalissa, since she turned around and bought and army book in the store. I guess I will just have to paint up some more Lord of the Rings figures. I am sure that there are worse things that could happen. Anyway, the rest of the pictures are our two games. Enjoy!