Thursday, February 15, 2018

AAR: This Hallowed Ground: Union Advance! (Part One)

      Thursday gaming has returned for the time being. It has been a while, since my friend, Danny has been over to play a game. Most of last year, our games were on Tuesdays and Thursday. However, life gets in the way of things from time to time. Something about work and such! Either way, our last ACW game was a Fire and Fury game in 15mm. This time, I wanted to share our 28mm ACW with the modified This Hallowed Ground rules. After all, I knew I would get another opinion on how to make our convention game run smoother. This is only part one of the game, since he had to go kid-sit.
   Our game had the Union Troops trying to get to the other side killing along the way. As it stands, I had one regiment taken out after crossing a hail of fire. The Confederates that Danny was running were doing fairly well despite the constant hits. We will have to see how the rest of the game will conclude. Below are the action shots so far. Enjoy!

ARR: Rising Sun: Testing Out a Board Game I Wanted.

    During the last Saturday, a group of us decided to play a board game that Hugh brought over called Rising Sun.This was not a hard push for me, since this was a Kickstarter that I was really interested in. It has the whole Japanese Mythology thing going for it. It has awesome miniatures. That is almost enough points going for it. The only reason that Kalissa and I did not jump into this game was based on the whole buying a house thing. Weighing the options was pretty strait forward: House versus Board Game. The good news is that is has made its way on eBay, so it is a matter of time when my resistance is futile. In the meantime, I will just have to be slightly jealous of Hugh. This is fair enough, since he has the same feeling towards terrain I have. This could be why we have such fun games when we all play.
     Anywho, this game is based off of Japanese clan warfare with Japanese Mythology mixed in. The whole point of the game is to get the most points buy either winning wars or gain points through other means. The game really has about three turns which are seasons: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Winter ends the game must like most ancient combat. The game can have up to six players. In this game, there were the four of us. I ran the Koi Clan. Kalissa ran the Lotus Clan. Tim ran the Dragonfly Clan. Hugh ran the Fox Clan. Each clan has their own unique abilities. Example: The Dragonfly Clan can move anywhere to attack. Other clans have other abilities. The season (turn) starts off with the tea ceremony where you can make alliances with another clan to help benefit from each other or you can go solo. I like to think about it like an interesting take on the game Risk. Based on the original starting of where your clan is ranked in Honor, you can to choose the action of what is to be done first. Options range from training, movement (a setting up strongholds), harvesting, recruitment (getting benefits like monsters, Oni, and other bonuses), and down right Betrayal to your alliance. Honor can change based off of certain action like Seppuku or praying to a certain God. The point of the game is to set up in a way most beneficial to for the season's battle. Winning battles gain territories and give extra bonus points towards the end of the game. Each season repeats this. And each season has different benefits your can purchase to up your game.
    This was about a three hour game. I actually was not in last place in the game as I expected. The game was rather bloody. It definitely looks like I will have to get this game to test out the other clans..... and paint the figures. I am sure that Hugh will be painting away with them. Anyway, here were the game shots of Rising Sun. Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

AAR: Pantheon: Another 3 vs. 3 Melee.

     This was another late night game of Pantheon. Kalissa and I figured that our friend, William enjoyed this game, since he wanted to play again after coming down to visit. And of course, he went with Zeus for his God based off all of the lightning he could zap people with. I went with my trusty Goddess, Athena. Kalissa decided to choose Artemis, even if I had not painted her two hounds that fight with her. We just pretended that they were always in the shadows.
     With this game, I have reinforced the notion not to shoot first in a game. I did this with the first character in range of Odysseus! Needless to say, he got fried with lightning so bad that he was not able to move for the rest of the game. I clearly made enemies with Zeus. Between, Athena and Zeus, we will call it a parental disagreement. It got so bad that it took a turn or two to convince William to stop the revenge and try to stop Kalissa who was being ignored and pretty much winning. It was the changes in targets that made the game pretty even. I ended up winning on a daring move which required surviving three hits on Athena. I took two hits and won! However, I have still won every game of Pantheon I have played. Kalissa told William this, which means my reign in soon to be over. My feelings are: "Bring it!" Here were the game pictures below.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Olustee Project: There Maybe Snakes in There: Swamps.

     For my project, my battlefield has a couple of swamps and a pond. This is what I came up with for the smaller of the two swamps. I was thinking about having a couple of smaller sections, but I think a larger solid piece would be a little more epic. Besides, the scenario is going to make the swamp impassible to reinforce the idea that the board is just the like the choke point that the Union troops were sent into. I think it came out close to what I want. Below are some photos of the real swamps and what I came up with.

I liked the red, but decided I wanted a little more green to my trees.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Olustee Project Update: More Board.

     This is just another update about my Civil War Project for this year. I have been somewhat busy with other projects, work, and commissions as of late, so I did not want to let anyone following this project to think that it has been sent to the rear. It is far from that, I assure you! At this point, I have painting four more regiments: two Confederate and two Union. I have made some more pine trees. I have made some snake rail fence. And I built a plastic house that I forgot my wife got for free two years ago. It is not involved in the scenario. Plus, I made another section of the board. I just need to make one more section to complete the full battlefield. I could have just done this all at once, but it seems nicer to pace myself. I decided to do this last weekend between projects.
   However, I still have a lot to accomplish. I still have quite a few troops to paint: about 500 more. I know that might seem a little much, but if the rules Kalissa and I have modified a little, it is most likely going to have high casualties. I probably will not get as carried away as having a casual per figure like our WWII game, but it is still early. Despite the large number of figures planning to be involved in the game, I expect to have half of them removed on dice rolling violence.
   I also, need more detail for the mats, which some might say is not needed, but it will just add a little extra character. I need to get my palm underbrush incorporated into the scenery as well. Plus, I have to make a pond, finish one swamp, and start on the larger swamp on the third board. This also means more trees. There will be about 100 trees on the whole battlefield, give or take. Either way, I am looking more and more forward to the finished product. Below are some current results.