Monday, January 27, 2020

AAR: Battlegroup: British Assault on German Held Town.

    Since I had my independence and was left unsupervised at a convention, I was able to join up in a game of Battlegroup. This was my fifth time playing these rules. I was happy to get into this game, since I want to run a 20mm game in the future. I seem to have lots of game plans. However, I like this rules, since there is a nice element of decisions that can be game changing that is not stuck to a You-go, I-go system. I like holding for reserve moves, ambushes, and the unknown morale the game offers.
    This was a six man game run by a nice guy named Jerry. I decided I wanted to play as the Germans in most of my WWII rolls in defence of a town where we were to stop a British advance. I did not know any of the players personally for this game, since I have seen two of the players only at Southern Front in October of 2019. However, it was two Germans versus four British players. I know that I held the right flank of the town with two for Grenadier units, a Panzerschreck team, one MG42, and the Forward HQ that had 81 Mortars off Table. I saved another Grenadier unit and two Stug III off table. They could come in on turn three, but we held them out until turn five with a psychological effect. The other German had a couple of Grenadiers and a Pak40 AT gun. The British decided to ignore that gun by coming after me. I lost my MG section out of one Grenadier unit with a bold Stuart tank. The "Reserve Moves" we were told that would not be needed by us Germans was used instantly resulting in a destroyed tank by Panzerschreck! Then, they sent in the Churchill Tanks. The rest of the game was the constant attack on my MG42, but ignore my forward HQ that was calling in the artillery that was killing the infantry. It ended in a German victory after I plugged the last Churchill tank. The morale of the British broke. I think they were at 41 points to pull from versus our 31. We only pulled 7. I kill three infantry units and three tanks. A good day for me. Here are some pictures!

Siege Of Augusta 2020 Photos! Part Two.

       And here are some more photos of Siege of Augusta 2020. The top picture is a picture of a Dinosaur figure on the Jungle board of my wife's Bolt Action Tournament I borrowed for our friend, Kim. Of course, this is giving me ideas! Game ideas are always running rampant with me! Enjoy!