Tuesday, March 21, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Aerial Shootout: Wings of Glory

    It was apparent that luck was not on my side! At least, not for the Germans sake. For St. Patrick's Day, I spend the day playing Wings of Glory against my friend, Danny at his house. It was also his birthday, so why not play a bunch of games. Most of our Wings of Glory games have been around thirty minutes long, though we did have one game that was almost two hours. That seems highly unlikely in a card driven game system. This is especially true when your plane can only take the average of 14 hits. 
    In our case, the first game was about ten minutes. A record time for this game and us playing it. I had two planes blow up in the first shots in the first turn. The remaining plane lasted one more turn. Most of these games, I had been dealt various issues and just bad cards. It seemed to be that this was an indirect present of letting Danny win all five games, despite trying to win! However, we still had some good times and some crazy flying skills. Here are some of the shots!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

All For One And One For All: 40mm Three Musketeers for En Garde!

    I am finally closing in on playing a game of "En Garde!" which my wife had bought at Historicon this last year. I have always been interested in the Three Musketeers, since I read the book and well as seen plenty of related movies. The 1973 version tends to be one of my favorite movie version. It has been no secret of my interest, since I accidentally came across them in 28mm by Redoubt Miniatures. However, some one mentioned them being in 40mm by Eureka Miniatures. I should have bought them when I saw them in person at the Eureka Miniatures booth at Historicon 2015. I did not, but decided I would get them the following Historicon. Of course, they tell me the one time they did not bring that line was at the last Historicon show. Blitzkrieg Miniatures was the same for that convention when I had a plan to buy. After all, it is best to go into a vendor hall of a convention armed with a list. That way, there is no "Oops, I tripped and bought an unplanned army that no one is currently playing. This has also done a good job of stemming me from buying tons of Samurai for Black Powder in 28mm.
     Either way, I ended up doing on online order for the Eureka Miniatures website in Australia. It turns out that the U.S. store does not carry them any more. It was not too bad for about a $130.00. And after all, if it took me over a year of waiting, I am sure I could have handled it for longer. So this was a rundown of what I painted early this morning. This was priming and painting to this point until about 1 PM. If it was so cold outside, I would have planted the trees we bought for the yard. The only thing left are some more highlights and sealing them. So here are the Musketeers and characters.

The whole crew minus two characters. I have some more painting with them.

(Left to Right) Constance, Rochfort, four Cardinal Guards, and a hired Swordsmen. 

(Left to right) Armais, Arthos, D'Artagnan, Porthos, a bartender, and a beer wench. 

Constance and Rochfort.

The bartender and beer wench. Every fight needs beer!

The Four Musketeers.

Porthos. I need a new camera.




Two of the Cardinal Guards.

The hired swordsmen.


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Idle Hands Lead to Terrain Boards!

      Tom Petty had sung a few times "The waiting is the hardest part!" In my case, I am waiting for some materials to continue commission projects as well as some of my own. I am often amazed on the inconsistency of delivery times with the various companies I deal with. It can be mind boggling to see something you ordered from another country arrive before something else you ordered in your country. It is always an interesting affair. But with down time between projects leads to random projects. Since I have been playing Muskets & Tomahawks recently, I noticed that I really only have a few mats suitable for gaming this period. This only leads to one conclusion: make another mat.
    In this case, I just happened to have some extra fur for the job. I did not know what to do with it originally, since it was only 4' x 5'. It is not big enough for most games I normally play, but still works for skirmish games. And on a plus side, it is testing ideas on a Civil War project I have ahead. If you test theories in advance, it is easier to execute later. In this experiment, I was using Clear Dap to make my river instead of Liquid Nails. Both products cost the same. And both products can be used for the same things. Both are relatively cheap. However, screw ups with both items tend to be unforgiving. And with this project, I killed the same price in spoons as the product I got! (Wife, pretend you did not see this!) And now, I need a second coat! This was a calculation error as well as another experimental thought. The extra experiment was that I did not shave as much down with the fur as I have done for past boards. I wanted to see if I could recreate vegetation underwater mixed with a sandy bottom for a more clear river. The discovery I had is that this does work as well as I need a second coat. The extra fur that is not usually there absorbed the Clear Dap removing the smoother surface where the vegetation was. So now that it has absorbed, it should not be a problem to add a second coat. This was also useful information for a client who wanted a rather large river for his 40 mm Muskets & Tomahawks.
    Anyway, this technically is not a finished board. I just felt like displaying on it with the more based forces I finished twenty minute before. After adding 6 mm tufts to 60 figures, I found I needed more. At least, 200 covered that much! I have ten more to go, so added to the forces should be another 200. The remaining things for this board are grass highlights, road highlights, the second river coat, and maybe, some small weeds here and there. Either way, enjoy!

Friday, March 10, 2017

AAR: Muskets & Tomahawks: Evil Little Demo Games!

   As you may tell, I have been playing a lot of Muskets & Tomahawks games. Part of this seems to stem from being something new. Though, honestly, we have had the rules, but had yet to play them at this point. Kalissa and I went about the rule way of playing this game. We bought the rules before the figures. This can either play out in two forms. One, we bought the book and never got around to playing it. And the second being a six month to a year delay of playing. We seem to have a quite a collection of rule books border lining along the "Rules Whore" way of life. At this point, we have rules that are PDF's as well as rule books we have won/bought. The Muskets & Tomahawks we had for a good two years before playing it. And we had figures for it for seven months. The wargamers life can be busy with projects.
   So for this game, I finally got my friend, Danny to play. He saw the beginning of my PAD game from the post before and was still willing to try it out. To me, this seemed up his alley, since he plays ACW and was a reenactor as well. This game was a demo game to see how he would like it. He ended up play the French/Indian force against my British. I figured we could see if I could pull off the great shooting that Bill did the game before. The answer was simply "No!" Danny had some complaints on how the shooting with the Indians was sub-par. This just means he was killing two to three people per card drawn. I would take that as a good complaint. He also managed to kill everyone of the British. No Morale; just dead British!  So we had fun, despite my slaughter!
    Key thoughts Danny and I had after the game was the random events we kept rolling for did not seem to apply for any one. Such events that slow water movement or civilians. I guess this is just forcing me to do something about it. Danny had mentioned the next day that he would really like to play that game. This is great for me to motivate between projects for more force types. Kalissa found a great deal with some more Indians adding another 18 of them, and I still have more British to paint! Either way, it will be a good thing! I just wonder if he will be into the Three Musketeers I have coming from Eureka Miniatures?
The board. 

Indians like to shoot from the tree line.

The French repel the British from taking the farm!

British try to put up a fight!

Over the hill and through the woods.

The lovable "Woods Ninjas!"

British taking aim!

I definitely need casualty figures for this game!