Tuesday, January 31, 2017

AAR: Road Crossing: My Wife's Recent Bolt Action Game.

   This last Saturday was a busy one for my wife and I. We tend to have people over for wargaming most every Saturday. We do not always play, but we do have good times. And since this hobby of ours is also a Social one, it is always awesome to meet new players like this guy named Mike from Arizona who is here on business at Fort Bragg. He asked for a game with us since he has seen quite a few of our games posted online. I tend to over post and share things.
    In this game, Mike faced off against my wife, Kalissa. Mainly, this was because I have already played that day and She has not played a game, since our last Muskets and Tommahawks game. And she had not played against another person besides myself, since Beth and their Bolt Action Game. I am sure that Mike could give her a fun challenge. This ended up be true, Kalissa had lots of fun, even though she lost the game after turn 8. The fact that there was the extra turns was the main turning point. And with laughs and smiles, we told Mike that is welcome back to play while he is here for the month. Either way, these were their game photos.

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