Sunday, January 29, 2017

Demo Games And New Friends.

      This last Saturday has been pretty awesome for us in our Cape Fear Miniatures Wargaming Group. For the most part, we have all been consistantly coming together for a few games and laughs. Maybe, the most important thing is that we have great conversions about our hobby and lives. And a a mission, it is great to branch out and meet new people. Since we play at our house more than other places, it is not always as easy to get more members. However, Bill managed to bring a friend over to see what we do. Naturally, we wanted him to play a game. Despite what most people may say at first when looking at a hobby, I am firm believer that hands on playing hooks the hobby addict into the joys we call wargaming.
    In this case, Robert, an enthusiast of 1/35 modelling of tanks, it seemed natural to play a Bolt Action game with him. For one, the scale is not that much smaller. Two, it is still within his interest. Three, it is a fairly simple game in comparison to other gaming systems. Bill, somehow, wiggled out of his assigned spot of playing the British. I trying to see if I could get him to play against the grain as British player, since he is like me, a mainly German player in most WW2 games.
  Either way, the line up was my wife and I on the same side as British  Airborne (Rare) against Bill and Robert as the Germans. For some reason, the British Airborne seemed to have a great work out this week alone. I don't think we ever played any games more than two times in a row. By the end of Saturday, they will have seen four engagements.
   I cannot really say that my wife or I took this game seriously. If anything, this was more of a demo game testing as many possibilities as we could in a game to show game mechanics. And with every demo, that is how it should be. I noticed how Robert would worry about certain units on the table. Some of them were fairly valid. Others, like the pinned, one-man PIAT team against the Stug III was not really as threatening. The cool thing is that I know that he enjoyed himself. I know this, because we were told he had only a few hours to play at most. He stayed the whole game and then, some. And the hope is that he will play on even if that does not mean gaming with Kalissa and myself. It is just a good feeling to know that some had a good experience with something. Oh, and his side won mainly with his shooting!

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