Wednesday, January 11, 2017

AAR: Bolt Action Tank War: Armored Fury.

    A while back, I had bought Warlord Games' Armored Fury Box Set in a quick buy for our convention game at Historicon. I needed some Shermans, and the price was half of  what the box set was worth on EBay. Who am I to argue a deal? Though, I have no interest in plastic tanks, it was "no brainer". I thought that if it was that offensive to me, I could sell them back on EBay. Somehow, they have stuck around.
    Either way, I always found it odd that this box set contained two Panther tanks versus three Shermans. To me, this does not seem like a fair fight. Even with the game mechanics, the Panther tanks still out classes the Sherman M4 tank, despite both being rated as medium tanks. I would have thought that the box set would be 3 Panzer IV's instead. I was told that the Panther tanks were not as popular in the game, so they added them in to move more. I can see that in a way, but why not just not produce more Panther plastic kits? The box set was made right after the deal with Italeri Models. And for those of you who don't care, it is understandable. It was just a side thought that bought Kalissa and I to play it out.
    We played on relatively open ground. Despite what most wargaming shows of WW2 history in combat, there was plenty of open ground areas that all sides had to cross. I know; it is crazy! So we played the tank game scenario where the goal is to capture as many points as possible. In this case, the Shermans should have to park around an objective and not die! The same goes for the Panther tanks. Since the points are placed back and forth by both sides, we could have made it more tactical. Honestly, this was a flat out lazy game. Lazy games are great from time to time, because they are void from thinking.
    As suspected, the results were about the same. The Panthers lost no one. The Sherman tanks were turned into little BBQ pits. It was not like the Panthers were not hit. It was just nothing that really hurt them. Anyway, here were the game photos.

The Layout.

A Panther taking the first objective.

A Sherman taking their first one.

Shermans moving through the woods.

Taking firing positions. 
A Panther Tank fires at a Sherman in the distance.

Taking aim.

Another shot!

Sherman fire back!

A Panther takes out this unlucky tank!

The sheep do not care!

Trading shots with the Germans!

One hit disables a Sherman.

A side shot kills this one.

And........still the sheep don't care!

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