Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Siege Of Augusta 2017

        Well, another Siege of Augusta has come and on, and like usual, my wife and I has a blast. It only seems a shame that all wargaming conventions cannot magically last a day or two longer. In the case of Siege, the greatest part of this convention is that in is in between the the places where Kalissa and I played wargames. Location in Augusta, G.A, the convention is held about three hours from where we live in Fayetteville, N.C. Also, it is three hours out from Atlanta, G.A. where Kalissa and I met and started playing in this fun hobby. So we get a reunion of players from Georgia and our local area. And to top this, Kalissa was running a Bolt Action Tournament. It was going to be a good weekend all around.
      This years theme seemed to be centered around air dogfights. There were a lot of aerial dogfight games. Somehow, I did not get around to playing one, despite my friend, Danny and I talking about trying out WW1 aerial combat. The rest of the games seem to be a healthy mix of history and fantasy. Board games there. One guy had a collector's addition of a Lord of the Rings game that is at least worth $1,000. There were also the tournaments like Bolt Action that I mention my wife was running, Flames of War, and Kings of War. The Kings of War tournament was a first time for the convention and had 38 players. Crazy!
    Like I mentioned, we had a blast! We met a bunch of new wargamers. We got to see several friends of ours we have not seen since we moved from Georgia. We had a great tournament. And we got to hang out with a lot of friends we do not see as often.
   Anyway, here were the photos of the convention minus my wife's tournament. Enjoy!

WW1 Dogfight.

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