Sunday, February 5, 2017

AAR: Bolt Action: Must Be Raining Germans.


    The other day, I had the great pleasure of playing our new friend, Mike. Last game we saw him play was against my wife and her British Airborne. Since, he plays Germans, I decided to field American infantry. It never really fails that I fall flat on my face with other nations, since I play mainly Germans, This is not a statement that this fact makes my game running Allied Forces a handicap. I loose just as often with the Germans, If I am going to lay out any false claims, I will demonize the dice box, Danny left over! Yeah, that's what it was! The evil wooden structure forced me into silly decisions such as bad deployment and assaulting a Panther while surrounded by eager-beaver killer German infantry. 
    Anywho, it was a lovely slaughterfest of a game. We played the "Meeting Engagement" mission. We both decided for the sake of violence to leave nothing in reserve! "There they are; Get'em Boys!" My Americans mainly tried to do a Pincer move. I send people up the middle to try to fake out the Germans on my intentions. This did not work very well, since Mike kept down the center with a good field of fire in support covering the open areas of the Church. He had quite a few of assault rifles and MP40's  with his Germans. The Germans came prepared. I had a bunch of Thompsons and a BAR for each squad. I probably should have had some more BAR's considering a lot of the long range shots. 
   The first hurtful thing was the death of a Sherman after being hit with a Panther. Surprise, the Panther can kill a Sherman Tank! Since I had this Panther running around, I had to do something, based off the "Tiger Fear" rule attached to it. Mike might not have noticed it, but I never needed to add that rule as a modifier based on never seeing it. Since my men were in the way of the bazooka, I decided to assault it. Then, they failed to get out of the way based of the pins and then, were danced on the next turn. The bazooka took out the Panther with some good shooting, but it was the only unit to die on the German's side, and it was my Panther that Mike burrowed. The rest of the game came down to a series of assaults. I had on squad left after the whole affair. Though, if we counted the Nun with a Gun, in the Church as a counter assault, she won! 

The bazooka should have been more in the center.

Trying to race up the side of a hedgerow.

Hiding behind a church

This position of Germans seemed to do the most damage.

German advance.

Panther Power!

You can see the nun.


The Sherman died with rolls of a 6, 6 and then two 6's. 

A lot of Germans.

My only Veteran unit of Airborne was shot to pieces with no problem.

This is the only squad who lost no one.

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