Sunday, February 19, 2017

Project Sicily: Update for February.

      As it was mentioned before, I am on a mission for my Historicon 2017 Convention Project. For those who have not followed this, this project was going to be a historical one based on the first actions with the Canadians against the Germans in Sicily for Operation Husky in 1943. I have been finding all sorts of information about the battle or engagement. Below is the map that I will be using for Grammichele, Sicily. I have not started making the board yet, but I have, with the help of my wife, started below budget for this project.
Since this is going to be in 28mm, this board with not be this big.

    So what has changed since the last time?  We have got sponsership from Trenchworx, Blitzkrieg Miniatures. and Charlie Foxtrot Models. We have already ordered a lot of models. We bought some of the new Charlie Foxtrot buildings. Below are the ones from the Pentile designs

.     From Blitzkrieg, we have ordered two 8.8cm Flak Guns and the transports, as well as, Panzer IV G's. The Panzer IV G's are the same as the one I have for my Romanians. With Trenchworx, we are waiting until March to buy the Shermans for the Canadians. With this happening, the project is one the move. I am looking forward to some more updates for everyone.

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