Wednesday, February 22, 2017

White Tiger: A Little Convention Game Idea And Playtest.

       After watching the Russian movie called "White Tiger," I thought of a convention idea. This seems to happen a lot with me. I will see a movie or read in a book and lightning will hit me with an idea. I think all wargamers are guilty of this. I have at least twelve ideas for convention games, if not scenarios to play for fun. And they range for all over time periods and fantasy. With the "White Tiger" movie, I was rather impressed with the story. The ending could have been better, but the core movie is pretty awesome and seems to be like Herman Melville's Moby Dick. However, the movie was based off of the novel The White Tiger  by Ilya Boyashov. I do not know if there is an English version of this book, since it is written by a Russian. I will have to look for that later.
    Anyway, most of my little convention games and ideas do not pan out. I know that there are some few people who wonder when I will come out with the Sharknado Game I wrote up. The difference about this game idea is that it fell into my lab, so to speak. I don't really like Tiger Tanks that much, because they always seem to do horribly in most of the games I play. I have still not got a King Tiger for my Market Garden lists. So Warlord Games comes out with a "Hollywood Tiger" for cheesy wargames and other character that are all based on the film "Kelly's Heroes." I still did not jump out to get this tank. I ended up getting it at the Siege of Augusta Convention. I nice young guy named Davis bought it for me, though he clearly did not have to. He just heard about one of my crazy wargaming ideas. Thus, the White Tiger was born!
    After building and painting it, I think it looks pretty good and almost endangers me to make a "Kelly's Heroes" game now added to my never ending list of game ideas! The model was fairly strait forward and simple. I am aware that it does not look like the one in the movie, because I found out that that one was based off of a IS-2 chassis. The Hollywood Tiger is based off of a T-34 much like the one in "Saving Private Ryan". It never amazes me when people point out the inaccuracy of an inaccurate tank from a historical based movie.
    So, to the game! The idea is to have the White Tiger play against a whole company of tanks and the one T-34/85 Special that Sgt. Ivan Naydenov commands. Since the White Tiger cannot not officially die, it is like a survival point game for six turns. Most likely, if the game is played with other players, they will mostly likely lose all of their tanks. That is the great thing with play tests. You can find the problems.
      The special rules for the White Tiger were as follows based off of Bolt Action Rules.

  1.  The White Tiger cannot die. If killed as normal, it can reappear at any table edge!
  2.  It hits on a 3 always! Modifiers do not apply! The exception is hitting on a 2+  at point blank!
  3.  Disabled results only half the movement distance.
  4.  The Tiger is treated as a medium tank for movement.
  5.  The Tiger had multiple order dice. 
  6.  Pins and Morale have no effect on this tank.
   The Soviets were going to have an uphill battle. Their tanks have all of the regular Bolt Action rules for tank warfare. The only one exempt from these rules was the T-34/85 Special tank commanded by Sgt. Naydenov.

   Naydenov's T-34/85 Rules:

  1.  His tank never dies and can reappear at any table edge no closer than 12" away from the White Tiger.
  2.  His tank hits on a 3+ always  like the White Tiger.
  3.  Can start the game on table in Ambush and hits at a 2+ from Ambush.
  4.  Can fix his disabled tank with a Rally order.
  5.   Has a Super-Heavy gun.
  6.  Also had multiple order dice.
 The game had all of the Soviet tanks on the table with the option of Naydenov's T-34/85 off table. The White Tiger can start anywhere a start the killfest. Below were the results.

We were just saying these were Land-lease Shermans.

Hiding in the woods.

I painted these T-34/85 tanks based off of some from a Guards Division during the Summer 1944 Offensive. I have had people actually argue about it a lot, despite finding thirty photo references and sources to back this up. 

Granny had to give these tankers cookies! 
Again, Land Lease Churchill Tank. The beauty of running out of decals!

The Hollywood White Tiger!

Hitting with no problems!

The town is cleared after turn two.

Naydenov's Tank takes aim!

The Sherman in the woods vaporizes!

Naydenov fires!

    In conclusion, the game was fairly quick for a six turn game. Of course, I would say there needs to be more tanks for the Soviets. Turn three, everyone was dead, but Naydenov. I am also sure that more cover would help, but that is why it was a trial run. It will be tweaked for improvement!


  1. Awesome. Great movie (about the White Tiger) ... although odd ending. Anyways ... looks great and love that you used the "movie" Tiger model from Kelly's Heroes! More tanks - yes, always more tanks - fun! :-)

    1. I had resist buying all of the stuff for Kelly's Heroes. I love that move as well.