Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Day of Wings of Glory: WW1 Dogfights.

     Recently, my good friend, Danny has been scratching an itch to play World War One Dogfighting. he recently had bought into the game Wings of Glory, since he always had a fascination with Bi-planes. I cannot blame him, since it was this era of flight that introduced the third dimension in today's modern warfare. It is during the time period where heroes were made in the skies. Who would find this boring?
    After buying quite a few planes and the rules to play the game, Danny had quite a few games before he brought it over to our house. He had even convinced his wife to play, in which, she shot him down in multiple games, even to the point that she and my wife should team up against Danny and I.
   Now, I have heard of Wing of Glory and Wings of War. I cannot say I know the exact difference of them, since I had not played either of them previously. But based on how the game went of us, Wings of Glory has the feel of....shall I dare say, X-Wing. It even occurs to me that X-Wing might be a space version of Wings of Glory. The difference, other than being a historical WW1 Aerial combat game versus Scifi, is that they use cards for movement and damage. Also, there are still advance game features, such as, attitude making it a 3-D game unlikely, what I imagined X-Wing to be. But let us face it, I do not see Wings of Glory working out as well with tournaments based off the card play. Whose deck of cards would you use for damage results? How easy is it to cheat in the game, since it is card driven and you are on a honor system on how damaged your plane is. Of course, this is comparing apples to pineapples.
    Danny and I played three games averaging at most, an hour. I won the first two, and he pulled off the last one. The card system worked pretty good. And because of this, we can clearly play on different types of tables We just stuck with the paper map for now. Anyway, it was a fun bunch of quick games. We will definitely play more games. Here are a bunch of photos for the game. They are not in order, but our games were not long enough to make an after action report. Maybe, later when we do larger games.


The amount of hits a play took in one game without being shot down. The plane needed 14 hits, it survived after 12.

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