Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The British Are Coming! The Muskets & Tomahawks British Force.

   After finishing off the French Marines and the Natives, I felt the need to have the British side as well. Kalissa had found a bunch of metal Warlord box sets for the French, the Indians, and the British. The problem was that I could not for the life of me figure out what I did with the British box set. I was really unsure if I bought it over from the move into our house. So for a while, I had written them off as casualties of moving. To make up for this, I made a trade with a friend of ours who has a membership with Old Glory Miniatures to get a discount. The figures in this post are them. I think they were fairly decent figures to paint. There were a lot to a pack, so I can see how a discount can make a good dent in rather large army purchases.
    However, as a update, like this was Unsolved Mysteries, I happened to find the missing British the other day. It just means the British will out number the other two factions. It just means more figures in the long run. This is turning into a real tragedy, I dare say! Here are some shots!

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