Tuesday, February 28, 2017

First Round For the British Versus the French and Indians.

     After painting up the British force I had for Muskets & Tomahawks, it was time to take them out on their first adventure in battle. It turns out with upgrades, the British I had equaled to the French and the Indians put together. That really worked out, even if I still have more British to paint. It just means more French and/or Indians.
   For the first test, my wife, Kalissa decided to play the French and Indians. I gave her the choice, but I figured she would want to play against the British. Also, she wrote the list for those "Woods Ninjas". Unfortunately for the French, she did not seem to care about their lives as the Indians. I think her plan was to roll up with the French in the center and attack the British in a pincer move with the Indians. Honestly, I played a little cautious based on how hard it is to hit the Indians in the woods. The British did have some excellent shooting. They managed to end the game by killing the French force leaving the Indians to take one the enemy. We did not play out the rest of the game based on going to a Civil War reenactment for Averasboro, NC. We will see if the British do well next time.

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  1. Lol, wood ninjas. Regulars are great in the open if they can maintain a firing line ... but in terrain the irregulars rule tbe day. Indians can be great ... but fragile with the smaller unit sizes. Looks great :-)