Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Commission Project: Congo

This was the near finished product. However, some weird weather plus my normal lighting gave this picture some interesting color.

    Since the introduction of the game "Congo" by Studio Tomahawk, it was no surprise that someone would be wanting a commission mat for this. After reading the reviews for this game, it seems like a sound gaming system. The only problem I have is that it is a game that both my wife and I have to be into to get on board. This has nothing to do with our normal dynamic with wargames. Part of this is base on a lack interest in the game period. The 1920's African Adventure has not been our cup of tea. Also, if I am going to venture in an African campaign, it would be the Zulu Wars. The other is that some of our wargaming friends are not into a game/time period that also could encourage racism. To me, it is still just a game, but if people are not going to play a period because of such a reason plus the lack of interest, why play it?
     Either way, this has been a special project for me, because it is the first commission work that I have no miniatures for to play on it. Sure, I can make something up, but it just would not be the same. If we had only bought into the Eureka's Teddy Bear Wars' Zulu War, we would have had something to play on this board. We have a total of two figures from Eureka: one British bear with a suction cup gun and a Zulu bear with a suction cup spear. Kalissa won these for free after playing a game involving both forces.
    Anyway, I was commissioned a project for this game. It just seems a shame that I will not get to try this game out anytime soon. Honestly, I have so many games I am wanting to try out, it is ridiculous! However, here are some pictures of the board I tried in my own way to recreate. The first one is their publication I assume is in the rule book. The ones after are the commission. And the ones after that are just inspirational work for this game. Enjoy, as usual!


  1. Excellent work David!! I sent along my map for Little Round Top .. hoping I didn't swamp you too much with referrals!!! Love it ... keep it up. I really like that you play a game on each mat to "break" them in ... awesome!! I've been tempted to look at Congo ... I've played M&T for Studio Tomahawk for years ... and I have a bunch of Zulus and British ... and the Warlord kit for Rorke's Drift .... ahhhh! I'll get there ... one day!

    1. Right now, I am on a waiting period for a delivery of fur. I have an AWI board, some Musket & Tomahawks boards, a Bolt Action one, and your ACW board. I have others mention commission, but have not followed up. That seems to be common. For every ten people wanting commission work, one will actually follow through. Zulu War should be fairly easy, it is just painting all of the figures for it.

    2. Sounds good ... you are a busy guy! :-)