Wednesday, March 15, 2017

All For One And One For All: 40mm Three Musketeers for En Garde!

    I am finally closing in on playing a game of "En Garde!" which my wife had bought at Historicon this last year. I have always been interested in the Three Musketeers, since I read the book and well as seen plenty of related movies. The 1973 version tends to be one of my favorite movie version. It has been no secret of my interest, since I accidentally came across them in 28mm by Redoubt Miniatures. However, some one mentioned them being in 40mm by Eureka Miniatures. I should have bought them when I saw them in person at the Eureka Miniatures booth at Historicon 2015. I did not, but decided I would get them the following Historicon. Of course, they tell me the one time they did not bring that line was at the last Historicon show. Blitzkrieg Miniatures was the same for that convention when I had a plan to buy. After all, it is best to go into a vendor hall of a convention armed with a list. That way, there is no "Oops, I tripped and bought an unplanned army that no one is currently playing. This has also done a good job of stemming me from buying tons of Samurai for Black Powder in 28mm.
     Either way, I ended up doing on online order for the Eureka Miniatures website in Australia. It turns out that the U.S. store does not carry them any more. It was not too bad for about a $130.00. And after all, if it took me over a year of waiting, I am sure I could have handled it for longer. So this was a rundown of what I painted early this morning. This was priming and painting to this point until about 1 PM. If it was so cold outside, I would have planted the trees we bought for the yard. The only thing left are some more highlights and sealing them. So here are the Musketeers and characters.

The whole crew minus two characters. I have some more painting with them.

(Left to Right) Constance, Rochfort, four Cardinal Guards, and a hired Swordsmen. 

(Left to right) Armais, Arthos, D'Artagnan, Porthos, a bartender, and a beer wench. 

Constance and Rochfort.

The bartender and beer wench. Every fight needs beer!

The Four Musketeers.

Porthos. I need a new camera.




Two of the Cardinal Guards.

The hired swordsmen.


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