Tuesday, March 21, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Aerial Shootout: Wings of Glory

    It was apparent that luck was not on my side! At least, not for the Germans sake. For St. Patrick's Day, I spend the day playing Wings of Glory against my friend, Danny at his house. It was also his birthday, so why not play a bunch of games. Most of our Wings of Glory games have been around thirty minutes long, though we did have one game that was almost two hours. That seems highly unlikely in a card driven game system. This is especially true when your plane can only take the average of 14 hits. 
    In our case, the first game was about ten minutes. A record time for this game and us playing it. I had two planes blow up in the first shots in the first turn. The remaining plane lasted one more turn. Most of these games, I had been dealt various issues and just bad cards. It seemed to be that this was an indirect present of letting Danny win all five games, despite trying to win! However, we still had some good times and some crazy flying skills. Here are some of the shots!

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