Sunday, March 5, 2017

AAR: Muskets & Tomahawks: Raid/Scouting PAD Game.

       This was another round of Muskets and Tomahawks that my friend, Bill and I played. As you can tell, we were using just my forces. This was mostly due to laziness, even though Bill brought his Colonial Militia. I should have just had him play that force instead of letting him run the British. I am not saying the results of this game would have had a different outcome. It may have not turned into a PAD game. Just for definition purposes, a  PAD game stands for Prolonged Active Death. If you ever were playing a game where you were losing so badly, but it is not the end of the game. That, my friends, is a PAD game. Your guys die left and right and all over, but they pass morale and the random events keep the game going while you can barely roll for the life of you to do anything else. PAD games often happen to give a false sense of hope in a game where you are clearly still losing. So why continue to play them out? I like to make people work for their victory out of stubbornness.
     This was the first game that I had a PAD game in that was of a different game era. All of the previous ones were WW2. And despite it not being the best of game, I do come out with a new perspective about the game at hand. Such things as " Don't do that form of stupid!" and "This force needs improvements!" The game started with the British doing a scouting mission while my French and Indians had the job raid a farm. Again, there was some laziness, since the Raid mission would have worked out way better in the buildings were places according to the mission. I had set the table up in advance and did not care about changing it.
    From the start, my side had a good start. Most of the cards in the deck were mine. However, the British first round of shooting was stellar! The French Regulars, all ten, were killed on the first shot. Then, the same happened to a small unit of Indians. Six deaths in a round. Elite Regular sharpshooters with rifles  with nearly all fives and sixes! The Indians that were left decided to run through the woods and get close and personal. They did rather well dispatching a unit of British (hence the hope part of a PAD Game). I got to three out of the four targets. The British defended the outhouse fiercely! Apparently, the British value outhouses! I can't imagine why?
    The rest of the game was the Indians dying and leaving the field. The French Irregulars stayed long enough to secure a British Victory. I was actually hoping to roll badly for morale to cause a Draw. I rolled sixes for the rest of the morale cards. Classic! So here were the game shots.

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  1. PAD ... lol, going to have to use that term moving forward :-)