Thursday, March 23, 2017

AAR: Muskets & Tomahawks: Running the Gauntlet!

      It was another lovely Thursday round of wargaming with my friend, Danny. We had been playing Tuesdays originally, but this has now given way to Thursdays provided that neither of us are busy working and such on various things. This time, it was another game of Muskets & Tomahawks. I decided to run a made up scenario based on the river board I made. Also, I had added another layer to the river to mainly finish it off with exception of add a few stones and things. The mission was fairly strait forward: escape! The British forces had to run down the road dodging anything and everything to ford the river and continue off board. However, the Native Braves and the French had other plans.
  Really, this was more a random challenge for me, since I just wanted to see if I could pull it off. The answer is "no!" But who really cares if you are just playing to play. Ideally, I need to paint up the other British and Indians I have to make different force make ups. Also, I find that I need to run more Irregular troops to run them like scouts and just have some Indians on hand. The wilderness seems to demand this. Though, I did get three people to the river edge, they were immediately killed off. I did manage to kill two units of Indians making it way more bloody than Danny expected. The British just failed morale rather than continuing on. So there you have it! Anyway, below are the game shots. Enjoy!

Board shot one.

Board shot two.

The French wait in the heights overlooking the river.

Woods Ninjas!

The Natives in their element.

More Indians!

More French!

The British trying to escape!

The British fire into the woods missing, but the Indians come out to melee!

After some hand to hand combat, over Braves fire long ranged rounds at the British.

More melee action.

The local natives have been eliminated nearby.

The last Braves fire from the safety of the trees.

The few run to the river.

The only ones to make it, before the French shoot them down!

French everywhere!

The hills erupt with gun powder!

Right before they all flee for their lives!

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  1. Looks outstanding as usual David. Those rocks are reminding me to get rocks for the Little Round Top scenario ;-) I love out that river came out on the mat as well. The poor British are taking a beating ... as usual!