Sunday, February 19, 2017

Round Two: Aerial Combat with Wings of Glory.

   Just the other day, I played a couple more game with my good friend, Danny with Wings of Glory. This game is fairly easy to play, as well as, it takes no time at all to set up to play. Of course, this does not mean that future boards are not in order to be made for this game. I have already seen a few games with stellar terrain that was a bit more third dimensional without effecting the outcome.
    In these game, we decided to try out some fancier rules. Nothing too harsh, since we are "baby-stepping" the game. I lost the first game, but won the last two. The different was having the tail gunners, instead of just fighter planes. It does change up the tactics and was a pleasant surprise to see that the maneuvers for each plane type made the two-seater planes rather handicapped with the exception of the extra gun.
    My wife, Kalissa played this last Saturday, so it looks like a big game is coming. I will just have to be sure to post that affair!

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