Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Tree Life: Making New Trees.

   For people like me who like wargaming and modeling at the same time, I have always wanted to make things on the table as life-like as possible. After seeing some many tables over the years, I always asked myself how I would make that or do that better. I found answers which brings me to a company called "Scenic Express". At the moment, I hate this company, because it gives me too many awesome ideas. One or two ideas are good for me on a daily bases, but two hundred in one sitting is just evil.
   It all happened when I ordered some flowers to recreate a look of a field in the movie, Saving Private Ryan . They sent the order in record time, as in, I looked to see what the time frame for my order was the next day, and the USPS knocked at the door at the same time with the order in hand. Pretty impressive from Pennsylvania to North Carolina in one day. Here was the result of mixing flowers in my teddy bear fur field.

   To top it off with a happy result, they did something evil. They also sent a catalog with tons of product that did not make it on the website. So in absolute anger, I furiously ordered a tree kit of the Super Sage product from them! Take that, Scenic Express!
    So trees. I have always wanted to make the most realistic trees, since I got into wargaming starting with Flames of War. After getting more into 28mm games, I found it is easier to model, and have more fun. The thing that always got me was when I looked outside. All of the trees are tall. 40ft. ones,  pretty common with the regular trees in North Carolina. And I Google Mapped the areas in France to see the different types. Again, big trees. Most of the wargaming boards I have seen have relatively short trees compared to reality. Does this really matter to me so much? No, but I strive to model it!
   Today, I discovered that he Super Sage product did the best job for my tree perfection. Not only could I model what I wanted, it blew all of my previous trees I've use out of the water. Here were the trees I was using.

  This is what I just created right before this post. You will see the difference!

   As you can see, it is a dramatic difference. This 28mm  Panzer IV looks the right compared to a common sized tree. Of course, the tank and the German soldier are not yet finished! But I believe, I found my perfect trees. I will probably post a tutorial in the near future. For now, I am going to make like a tree and leave! And make more trees!

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