Monday, November 30, 2015

Starting New Projects for December.

   It has been a rough couple of days, since I work in retail. Some of my own personal time table for projects has been delay. However, I feel I have been my good ground!
   One of the current projects I have going are to remake my hedges to the same standard as my new trees. Though, I still have not got all of the parts to finish it, I have a great start on them. Here are some of the steps I have started.
I decided to use chair rails for the base of my hedges. The shape looks like it could be a problem, but I have a plan for that.
The nails are for support to the actual hedge bushes.

I added the trees I wanted and glued them in with a glue gun. I also went around and drew with the gun to give the appearance of roots.

A closer look at the proposed roots system. Note: there are no rocks in this hedgerows. Around Google mapping the areas of France, I did not see any rocks involve in hedges. If they are there, they are hidden.

This is a reference to the size compared to a 28mm German. The bushes are ripped and shaped scouring pads for a dollar. I cannot continue further on this until my leaves and sea foam arrive.

      In addition to my hedges, I also have started mat number two for my wife and I's upcoming Bolt Action Tournament. It still has the other half to paint. I might be able to finish it on my birthday this Wednesday. Here is a photo of it so far.
This is just part of it. It will be 5'x6'.
And here is the finished first one!

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