Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Bloodfest with Bolt Action.

  For Halloween, it only seemed natural to go out a wargame. Since I had to work later in the evening, and my wife was going out with friends, we fought it out with Bolt Action. We played a Demolition Game. I was running a German SS unit vs. my wife's U.S. Airborne. Surprisingly, my wife informed me that she had never played this mission.
     For my Germans, this was my force rundown:
       -one Lt. with two soldaten armed MP44 assault rifles.
       -one Panzershrek team.
       -four squads of Panzergrenadiers with four Panzerfausts each.
       -one light mortar
       -one artillery observer.
       -one medic
       -two Stug III's
       -Sd kfz 222 Armored Car
       -one Jagdpanther
     My wife force was:
        -one Lt.
        -one medic
        -two Bazooka teams
        -three squads of Airborne with AT grenades
        -one medium mortar
        -two Sherman tanks
        -one Air Observer
        -one Sherman Firefly.
Both sides were all rated as Veterans.

   The highlights of this game were the fact that planes are evil. They did a number of kills in the two strikes they had. Six out of nine in one squad was taken out. The other plane zoomed in one my Jagdpanther and took it out. My wife had one Sherman tank come around the corner and hit the farm house with accurate HE shells. I would have lost more if I did not split them up on floors. I am sure this probably is not legal in the rules. I will have to look that up. That same said Sherman was also untouchable. Never got hit once despite the AT rounds firing at it.
   The main joys of our spousal games are on turn 3. The craziest stuff happens most games on this turn and he one after. I ended up taking Kalissa's base for the win. It would have been close, but her flanking Airborne squad lost an assault in front of mine, but killed my squad off at the same time. I guess both units threw grenades at the same time! Here are the pictures. Enjoy!

My lovely opponent!


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