Monday, November 2, 2015

Bringing Back Recent Games.

  Because this Blog is new, I felt like I should fill it for what is meant for: Wargaming! I have been playing a lot of Bolt Action Games recently. Most of them have been against my wife, Kalissa, tends to beat me out of existence on the table top. It has been rough, though. We have not played too many games against friends of ours this year or even new players. It is like they are a drift in the ocean.
   Okay! Let me or even us, be honest. This all has to due with projects. When you really discover a whole bunch of new games, and your friends are interested in those games as well, we start running round like chickens with our heads cut off. We want it all. Just my current projects are as follows:
  1. Finish painting my wife's British 8th Army infantry. I have a platoon left in 28mm.
  2. Build and paint my 11 Panzer III G tanks for my DAK in 28mm.
  3. Finish painting my 28mm Teutonic Knights for Lions Rampant.
  4. Built the next 40 figures of my Greek Hoplites.
  5. Finish painting my three platoons of 28mm German Late troops.
  6. Finish my wife's 28mm British Airborne Army.
  7. Finish her 28mm Cromwell tanks.
  8. Finish Of Gods and Mortals factions.
  9. Finish painting our Redwall troops for battle.
  10. Make terrain for all of these games.
  11. Decide which army we want for Pike and Shot, Muskets and Tomahawks, and Hail Caesar.

This is my short list. I know there are other things involved like Sharknado and Aliens versus Predator. I am sure there is an AA group designed for wargamers out there somewhere.

 Anyway, on to some action. I have recently been building fixed boards made from Teddy bear fur, we wanted to play on one of the finished products. Kalissa was running her All-American 82nd Airborne with some British Guards support versus my German Fallshirmjaeger with some Stug III's and a Jagdpanther that has not since the light of day for two years. We rolled off to play a "Three Point Defense" game of the Bolt Action rule book. For once, I out rolled my wife to choose whether to attack or defend. This day, I decided to attack. And for a change, I rolled really well. I killed off all of my wife's armor support. This is fairly rare. The game finished in a draw. I could go into all of the details of this game, but it was two weeks ago. Besides, the pictures below speak for themselves. Enjoy!

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