Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Flames of War Reminder.

   After listing Flames of War as our first war game, it only seems natural to remind myself of it. The honest truth is that we have not played Flames of War since March of 2015. Several issues have occurred about this. One, there has been a drop of players. Two, our game hall has been open and closed randomly throughout the year. The current place my friends, wife, and I have been playing is at the local Hobbytown USA. This is good in some ways, but lacks in perfect table size. I like bigger tables and recently 5'x 6' tables. Theirs are 4' x 6'.
  Anyway, being a earlier battle. I just thought it was good example of common Flames of War warfare: Good and violent! However, I did mention the other day, we do need to play this game again, soon. We have nine 2,000 point armies each between my wife and I. They need to see the table again, soon. Also, I do have a plan for newer terrain for Flames of War. Hopefully, I will post that soon. Here are some Flames of War pictures.

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