Saturday, November 14, 2015

Tank Battles: Heavy Metal!

  Due to a near future of a break from wargaming. My wife, Kalissa and I decided to go out with violence until we game again a couple of weeks from now. That is not to say I will not be doing anything. I still have a rather large amount of German infantry in 28mm to finish that has taken over a kitchen counter. It seems to be the only place safe from our cat, Izzy. She still hates the dreaded sink that she had a flea bath in. How awesome that our cat avoids this area!
  Anyway, if you are not going to kill in a game for awhile, why not tanks! You can never really go wrong with them. Besides, I was kind of lazy about getting out infantry. We were constantly side-tracked by our fellow wargaming friends who did none other than talk about more inspirational ideas. So tanks it was and violence it was to be!
   A good friend of our, Tim, also decided he would like to play, so he faced off against my wife: German armor versus the British in Bolt Action. Now, I know that the forces were off and that there are missions in the Tank War book we could use. We like to game in freeform. Why worry about things like points! This is how the game turned out in pictures!
An overview of he table. The red wall in the Hobbytown really messes with my eyes.

This Cromwell Tank was disabled for the rest of the game.

Another bites the dust!

M-10 gets wacked by Puma!

The best action of the day! Kalissa's M-10 Achilles tried to flank a Panther tank, but Tim had put it on ambush and stopped the attack.

The Jadpanzer IV L70 was killed by the pillbox Cromwell.

After miss after miss, the Sherman Firefly crew just had to move forward to kill.

This is the Puma's second kill.

       It is easier to mainly show the action than type it all out. The best part of the game as a highlight was Tim ambushing Kalissa's flanking M-10 Achilles Tank Destroyer. He planned that she might flank his Panther. The Panther hit it, stunning the crew. It also was destroyed later by the same Panther. Tim won this game.
     The second game, I played in against my wife. The armor was about the same, but I decided to add a Tiger I E and Sd Kfz 222 Armored Car. The main goal was to see if either of them survive. One would think that the Tiger would take a lot of damage and kill everything. That is the curse I had with the Tiger. Tiger Tanks always die in my games. Most of the time, they do not due anything. Of course, the same can be said for today. The Tiger fired one round scaring some squirrels. I died shortly after. The best part of my game against my wife was actually killing a M-10 with a light Auto-cannon for the 222! Yes, the little gun can kill armor. I this point, I could careless if I won or not. An armored car killing a tank destroyer was all I needed. However, in the most chaotic flanking, our game did go beyond the call of violent. Again, below are the game shots. Enjoy!
German firing line.

Panther on the prowl.

I just wanted to see if the Tiger Tank would survive a game.

In serious trouble.

Flanking chaos!

More flanking chaos!

The best shot! A 222 armored car kills an M-10 Achilles in the rear with a light auto-cannon.

The Jagdpanzer IV L70 moves in for the kill.


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