Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Making Simple Hedgerows.

 After gaining an interest in World War II in 28mm, I realized that to field such places as Normandy, you have to have Hedgerows or Bocage on your tabletop. At the moment, I plan on recreating new bocage for my future war gaming ventures. But, if you would like a simple way for hedgerows, here it is!
  For my projects on hedgerows, I start with several materials. The first are 2 x 2 thick pieces of wood cut into various pieces. I like everything to be 12" or less in size. This gains more options. The pictures involved in this post show about a foot long on average. The second is coconut linear. This can also be Horse hair or blended scrubbing brushes. I used coconut linear, because it is cheap and easy to find.  At least, this is true in America. The third is a spray can of 3M mat spray adhesive or Locotite material. Another, is a staple gun. And last and most important is the flocking. In this set up, we will be using Flocking leaves from a company called Noch. I used a lot of Noch leaves for several terrain pieces. This is some of the stuff below.
  Step One: Staple the Coconut linear to the wood sections with a heavy duty Stapler.

 Step Two: spray the hedgerow down with a flat color or other colors. Whatever makes you happy!
Step three,  Spray the coconut linear with a coat of Adhesive spray. The whiter, the better!

Step four, add the flocking!


Like you can see, this is very quick and effective for 28mm terrain Hedgerows. Here are some shots on how it looks on a tabletop game.

 It is not perfect to the real thing, but very effective. Enjoy!

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