Thursday, November 5, 2015

Continuing My Green Thumb: Making Trees Results.

   I would like to apologize for anyone reading the first post about making trees. I was going to share a step by step process of making my newer trees. To be honest, I was having so much fun making them, that I only remembered after the fact. So again, sorry.
   Part of the  reason I was having so much fun was based on adding building character to each tree and basing. I had a bunch of random basing items to somewhat pimp out the trees. Unfortunately, for the Super Sage Kit I got, I did not have a lot leftover parts. The kit said something about around 7-9 buildable trees. Though I do have leftovers parts, I did not have a lot flocking leaves left to justify another tree. Besides, as the picture will show, these newer trees have a rather large imprint on a table. This is good, because I will not need a lot of them dress up a table. The only new problem I have gained is that I now feel compelled to remake my hedges to the same standard. Anyway, these are the new trees with character.

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