Monday, November 2, 2015

Total Loss: Expert Losing in Game!

  This is just a post of a game of Bolt Action my wife and I played a month ago. We decided duke it out armor-style. Who doesn't like tanks! At the time we were playing, there was 40k Tournament going on. Several people who did not know us had a few things to say about our game. One person said something also the lines of "hiding your Cromwell tanks" from the sights Panther tanks. Normally and logically, this is true. At the range these tanks were, the German Panther tank should shoot through a Cromwell like a dart thrown through paper.
   However, this is my wife, Kalissa, who is commanding these Allied tanks. A good description of my wife, other than being pretty and pretty smart is the fact, she has a wargamer's stubbornness. If you tell her in a game so and so is false or a bad idea; her dice, tactics, and luck will prove the opposite. I have a gaming buddy named Joe who I play two to three games a year, since we moved Fayetteville, NC. Joe does this thing that does drives me crazy. He will say that you will roll a one, and thus I roll a one! My wife on the other hand, just needs the slight motivation. Like a wild card, she attacks.
   Cromwell tanks, indeed. In this game, they absorbed a whole bunch of rounds out in the open. It seems apparent that my Germans were drinking heavily the evening before. I was under the impression that if it was not for gravity, my gunners could not hit the ground. Meanwhile, my wife, Kalissa is skipping around the table rolling sixes left and right! Skipping is bad! Skipping is VERY BAD! It must have caused pure terror for the one Puma crew. They only killed an M-10 after six shots at point blank. I figured the commander was throwing rocks at it forgetting all about a tank gun mounted on it.
    It in the end, it did not matter. No one I had on the table survived. I do not get upset of these things, because I do not win very often. However, it would have been nice to say someone somewhere lived to tell. Anyway, here are the photos. Enjoy!

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