Friday, November 20, 2015

The Games We Play.

     It is true that most of my posts have been mainly our Bolt Action stuff my wife and I play. Right now, it is the most showcased due to my terrain projects. It was the other day that a friend of my said the he had not had us over, because of a large set up of an American Civil War game he had going. I, then, told him that we can play that as well. It never dawned on me until that moment that people we know might only think we play certain games. And come to think about, most of our fellow war gamers are never around when we play different rules or time periods with exception of our good friend, Bill who is up for anything. So I figured I was share some highlights of other games my wife and I play.
      Chain Of Command.
       Okay, so this is more WW2 stuff, but this last game was in the dessert in 1942. My wife, Kalissa has a rather large British 8th Army. I have a German DAK counter army. In the shots below, our friends, Hugh and Joe were the Axis Powers versus my wife and I as the British. It is rare that we are on the same side. Also, Kalissa does not particular care for Chain of Command, because is does have it's slow moments. It happens. I do have to agree that there are long pauses in the game, especially, when one side get multiple phases. One game of Chain, I had 9 phases before my opponent did anything. Multiplayer seems to reduce this.

Some of our British.
Hugh's Italians. The red strips were represent Barbed wire.

Germans attacking a Valentine Tank.
    Angels 20.
      It is a real shame that this game from Axis and Allies did not take off enough. We've played a few times. The game is fairly simple. And who does not want to shoot down their friends. I still have not fulfilled my challenge to our friend, Rick. I wanted to take one some of his planes with my French planes, that are the worst in the game. Anytime they fail a move, they loose altitude each time until they crash.

This is my German plane exploding in mid-air. The pilot that shoots me down. My wife!

Lions Rampant.
   This is a newer game of Osprey that involves simple combat during Medieval Times. This a fun a bloody game. We will be playing more of it in the future once I finish painting our stuff. I have not got around to modelling terrain for it either. I know once I a commit to building a castle, it will be game over for me. I will just have to terrain out of control!
Kalissa trying out her Mongolians for the first time.

Bill's Knights.

Song of Blades And Heroes.
    Our friend, Bill introduced my wife to these rules, and she really liked them. We ended up buying a bunch of woodland critters armed with swords and such. I still have a lot to paint, but they are still good rule sets.


My Fox Guards

Kalissa's Mice.
   Yet another game of Osprey that we like. We actually got all of the factions when this came out. Though, I tend to use my Samurai the most. Kalissa has her "fundamentally peaceful" monks. This changed after she discovered you can cut off heads as an action. This game was Bill's group versus my bandits I had never used. The fact, I have peasants armed with hammers seemed extra amusing.

I found the peasants to be a lot better than I thought.

Black Powder:
     We played a game of Black Powder American Civil War. Though, we do not have anything yet for these rules, both of us have played different time periods.



Of Gods and Mortals:
     We like Greek Mythology. This game covers all mythology. It is awesome!

Athena takes the high ground and uses lightning bolts burrowed from Zeus.

A hoplite becomes a chew toy!

Ares: God of War!
      Anyway, we do need to play some more games. We still need a few armies for the rule sets we have like Muskets and Tomahawks, Pike and Shot, Black Power to name a few. Also, I will eventually finish a future Con Game: Sharknado! Here are some of the characters so far.

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  1. I am glad that I am not the only one with so much different games!
    Gaming in my local club makes it easy to jump on a new game system. Damn it!