Monday, July 31, 2017

Olustee Project Update: It's All About That Base!

   Yes, I went there with that terrible song! However, I went through about a week thinking about how I want to base my American Civil War troops. I went though a large amount of sources looking at what other people had done with their troops. It got to the point where I was loosing sight about the main goal of this venture. These are going to be used for a convention game handled by a large amount of people. Our friend, Hugh mentioned using removable troops separately that could be useful for skirmish games like Sharp Practice. I do like that idea, but I realize that I could always buy more for a game system Kalissa and I personally play. The other direction had me thinking about Fire and Fury Regimental, since I have played a game of those rules, and we plan to play the Viniard Field Battle scenario in the near future. However, that brings up an idea to have two figures on a narrow base for the extended line or extra troops to do so. Then, I am looking into the simple rules such as Black Powder.
    I guess the point I am trying to make is that I need to base figures with the most flexibility for the most systems possible. That way, it is easier for testing purposes. Since my figures are going to be manhandled by foreign hands of people, I figured it would be best to base a few figures on one base at a time. After all, it is normally done. In this case, I decided to go with the four man base. It is not too large and can be easier visually events like: disordered troops and a certain amount of deaths. As much as the eight or six men to a base look pretty, death looks more dramatic in war games when things disappear off the board.
     Now, I had ideas on what I wanted to bases. When we went to Historicon, I forgot to raid the bases at the Battlefront like I normally do every year. They had it set up where you pay $15 for whatever you fit inside a Chinese take-out container, as long as it closes. I am really good at packing when I feel like it! Either way, I received the rest of my regiments for the first wave from Sash and Saber and primed them for painting. I have even painted my first Colored troops representing the 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Regiment that we know from the movie "Glory." I figured that 2" x 2" bases would do nicely, but I was visually guessing. It was not until I went over to look at the future Civil War Battle board  that we are going to play did I discuss with my friend, Danny about my intentions. I found that I was confusing him with mentioned thin MDF for the troops and the bases for the boards when I really meant hardboard. MDF board is normally way too think for bases! Hardboard is the same product used for the backing for clipboards. Just out of blind luck, I discovered a piece of a blind used for windows. I asked him what this was. Danny said that was leftovers from his blinds. They were 2" thick, exactly. So we cut a few pieces at a rough 2" to make  2" x 2".  So I sanded the edges to rid of the rough edges. I, also, do not want sharp corners for my bases. I glued four figures on on base and added wood filler to set them in. I learned that the wood filler should have been applied first, then place figures. This will reduce the need for painting touch ups. So here was the results, as well as, the top picture!

I painted the wood filler with a mix of glue and paint and added sand. This will be paint other, as well!

I had to do some touch ups. Lucky, I had yet to seal these in advance.

The original vinyl blind section.

      Now, this was not finished, since I will paint the base a different color. Also, I will add matching static grass to the board these plan to be on. However, it is a good start. Danny had enough vinyl blinds sections to make 140 bases at four men each. That is one cost avoided! I am also getting and paint his stuff as well. 

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