Saturday, July 8, 2017

AAR: ACW Fire and Fury: Port Republic:

 Things are coming together for my Historicon Project. However, it seems to cost a lot of time away from actual gaming. Well, today was the day to change that at Danny's house!  Danny, Tim, and I playing a ACW game of Fire and Fury for the Battle of Port Republic. We have not played a lot with these set of rules, but have concluded a few things. One, the game did not have anywhere near the same historical out come. The Confederate that Danny and I were playing lost so badly it wasn't even funny. 41 stands died before we gave up by turn 8 to 7 stands killed on the Union side only killed on turn 7. Somethings that we learned where: 1. Two feet extra for a scenario makes a difference. 2. Making everything rough ground when it was not, does not help advancing Confederates. 3. Forgetting of board artillery is not helpful. 4. Tim's dice are flat out evil! The Most Important: 5. Always have my wife read these scenarios in advance to reduce some of the other problems. At the end of the day, Danny and I were proud to have kill anything! Here are some of the game shots! Enjoy!