Wednesday, July 26, 2017

AAR: Battlegroup: First Trial of the Rules.

       With the 4th Edition rules for Flames of War out and not that great, Kalissa and I realized that we need another use for our 15mm army collection. We have about nine companies worth of different armies each, so there are a lot of miniatures that are not in use. This is why we bought two different rules. One was Kampfgruppe Normandy and the other Battlegroup. There is not that much of a difference between the two. Both were written by the same person and mere copies of each other. Kampfgruppe Normandy just happens to be out of print and just a beautiful book as well as good rules. But in our case, we decided to run through the Battlegroup rules. After all, we bought them more than a year ago. We need to get around to the various rule sets we have not played.
       With Battlegroup, the rules are mostly strait forward. I say "mostly", because the organization is a little funky. I am not sure why, but the Penetration Value of a gun is not listed on the unit statistics. This, later, stopped play, because my wife realized that she was killing way too easy. We had not given up on the game, but my wife is a creature of simplistic organization. If you make things complex for no reason, she gets annoyed. And in Battlegroup's case for a first glance, the lay out annoys my wife. This does not do justice for her, since she could have made more bad ass lists.
      However, despite the minor hiccups, the Battlegroup system runs fairly smooth. The whole point of the game is about "Break Points." You want to pin down your opponent's units as much as possible or kill them. To remove pins or take morale, you have to pull morale chips that are randomly numbered. You have a certain number at the beginning of the game that you cannot go below or you lose the game. However, you have to keep them secret from your opponent. In our case, Kalissa's British had a Break Point of 42, and I had a Break Point of 38. When we ended to the game early, Kalissa had pull 16 points against her leaving 26 points left. I only lost 3 points. I did pretty well for my horrible rolling! We will just have to see how another game turns out when we fully play it. Here were some the pictures of the game.

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