Sunday, July 23, 2017

Never Ending Zombies: Zombicide: Black Death

    I am not much for playing board games to often, especially cooperative board games. Something about not attacking another player in a game seems a bit off. Plus, I tend to be the person who haphazardly walks into a room that dooms the rest of the players. The feeling of "We lost the game, and it is your fault!" can make the game unpleasant in the end. However, after playing the game Zombicide: Black Death, I can see cooperative gaming as fun. I think that it has to do with the set up. In the game, your characters can gain experience and gain abilities as you kill zombies and/or pick up objectives. You can also find weapons that you can use or food that can give you a point of experience. This makes this cooperative game a lot easier to deal with in terms of accomplishment. The past cooperative games I played seemed to have a "Mission Impossible" stance. It would take a miracle to even think about winning. In Zombicide, it is possible to win. Between my wife, my friend, Hugh, and myself, we actually won this game in the mission we played. It just makes me wonder why Zombie games for wargaming do not have this type of flow. Who knows. Here are the pictures from our coffee table game of Zombicide. Enjoy!

My two characters.

My wife's two characters.

The mission board.

The bells were the noise made breaking the door.

Zombies appearing at spawning points.

The "X"s were objectives.

Even our cat, Izzy was into to this. 

Or she just liked the boxes!

Lots of zombies.

Never ending zombies!

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