Thursday, July 27, 2017

AAR: Wings of Glory: Air Superiority!

   It was another round of high flying adventure where the British had to stop waves of Germans! The mission was simple: Kill as many bombers as you can! Of course, I played as the Germans versus my wife, Kalissa and Danny as a combined Anglo-American joint venture. Basically, the scenario is I made is more for the Battle of Britain, but we wanted to test out other planes, such as, the two P-51 Mustang's Kalissa picked up for a good deal at Historicon. I, also, had a Focke Wulf 190 and a Heinkel 111 Bomber that needed some game time.
    The game ran fairly simple. The Allies get to come on with all of their planes. However, they only had these planes with no reinforcements. The Germans start out with two JU-87 Stukas and a ME 109 fighter. The Allies get a point for every fighter shot down and two points for everything rated as a bomber. Plus, if no one dies per wave, they get an extra point. The Germans get a point for every kill and two points for every bomber that survives by exiting the other side of the board. The next wave gets the same bombers and fighters plus rolling for additional fighters and additional bombers at a D3. In other words, there are plenty more targets.
  The results in this game were a German Victory: 15 to 13. By the last wave, it was just too much! However, my wife, especially enjoys this scenario, because it is tactically challenging. She is determined to prevail! And I am sure it will happen! Anyway, here are the rest of the shots!

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