Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Historicon 2017 Photos: Thursday

This was a Vietnam table that Peter Pig had set up. I am not sure if the pink cloth is a company thing, but it does detract from the game that looked pretty fun for Vietnam. 

   These are Thursday's photo that I ran around and took. I actually took the most photos during this day, since I had not preregistered for any games, nor had I a game to run this day at the convention. Between Kalissa working the Flea Market and us raiding the vendor hall, it was enough to keep us busy. However, after so many people kept asking about our set up game and receiving such attention, I decided to randomly run a Thursday game at 4 p.m. I am sure I would have even more pictures, if I had not done this. Here is Thursday at Historicon!

This was a Bolt Action Tank war game set up in town by Mike Proctor who ran the Bolt Action Tournament. 

The cool Frost Grave Board. I really liked their ice for this board amongst other things.

This was a board by Del Stover that always looks cool. Unfortunately, he cancelled nearly all of his games which made my wife concerned. He went to the hospital, but we were informed that he was okay. 

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Old School figures rock!

Dystopian Wars.

Our friend, Jay Womack was playing these guys.

Michael's Bolt Action Tank game. Nicely painted.

I really like these Cromwells.

This was a massive American Civil War game. I was used to seeing the Kursk game here, but it was run by the same person.

6mm American Civil War.

This was for a 28mm American Civil War game. 

Cigar Box Battle Mats were pretty popular this year at conventions. I liked the pig pen in this.

Early war WWII

These was only a faction of the Team Yankee forces involved in the 30' foot table game. I did not take good pictures of the rest of it, unfortunately.

I was unaware that they made a cloth mat for Wings of Glory. It was more a reminder picture.

From the Blood and Plunder Demo table in the vendor hall. They had two others, but it was fairly crowded at that point.

This was a reference photo for the Blood and Plunder board. I know how to do this, but whether I remember to is another thing all together!

Another reminder that I want Lawrence of Arabia WW1 forces and Ottomans.

I told a teenage girl that her forces must be more threatening, since her forces all match. 

Bar Fight!

This was a Chain of Command game.

They were using the old Battle Master's mat from when I was 10. Awesome!

This was a two table board for Pegasus Bridge using King and Country Figures. All terrain was hand made.

This and the pictures below were of the Congo game my wife played. Trust me, I did not wear a dress at the convention!

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We will be seeing this game in the household soon! 

Looked like French and Indian War on one of the hard to get Zuzzy mats.

20mm modern Congo game.

This was one of the few pictures from a Starship Trooper Game.

This was a speed painted figure I did at the Paint and Take booth I did in 20 minutes. 

Part of the "Best in Show" Pirate game.

Mid-war Tournament tables for Flames of War

The rest were for the Team Yankee tournament.

4' x 4' tables for the Bolt Action Tournament.

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