Saturday, June 24, 2017

Sicily Project: Armor Test: Just Scratching Some Paint!

    There has now been some progress in the project at hand for Historicon 2017. I managed to mainly complete the board for the show as you will see here. Since the board is another 6 feet longer, I will not have a full picture of it until the show. But it only seemed natural to test it out to see how it runs.
And since everyone seems to be doing Summer activities, Kalissa and I were left to "give it a go"! This test game was pretty fun, but the honest truth is that most people at conventions are not as tactically aggressive as my wife is.
     The Canadians job in this scenario is to get as many units as they can in the third section of the board where Grammichele, Sicily is. They also get points for killing Germans, taking the orchard, and entering Grammichele while staying alive at the game, which is an automatic win for the Canadians. The Germans goals are to stop all of this. They get points for kills and holding the area.
Missing elements of this game are the infantry, recce units, and the AT Guns.
      After playing it out, the Germans had a clear victory despite my terrible shooting. Kalissa's did not fair much better. Since we were using Bolt Action Rules, Kalissa had rolled two Fubars that prevented an extra 4 points. She got 2 points for killing a German tank, and two points for every tank in the third section( second, based on the test). She had three making it 6 points with a total of 8. The Germans held off the Canadians and got one point for every kill (4 pts), five points for the Orchard, and 10 points for Grammichele. They totaled out at 19. It seems like  a lot of German tanks versus the Shermans coming at them. We might just place some Panzers in reserve to make things bolder in the game.

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  1. Brilliant David! Can't wait to see it in person - and I've been waiting for you to have a railroad line on a mat for a while 😃