Thursday, June 15, 2017

AAR: WWII Wings of Glory: Shot Down in Flames!

        As I mentioned in an earlier blog post that Kalissa and I got some WWII planes for Wings of Glory at Nashcon. Well, the other day was the time to break them out into combat! So while other members of our gaming group discussed various rules systems and such, Danny and I did a test run for my new German foes. It was a disaster!
        I remember the mistake that Val Kilmer made in the movie "The Ghost in the Darkness" where his gun misfired facing a lion. He had went into battle with an unproven rifle! This was just about the case with these new planes. And I am sure field commanders in real war situations did have stats on weapons that looked great on paper, but preformed horribly. But it was my own fault, since I drew all of the damage I received in this game. We play Wings of Glory where we put the different damage tokens in their own cup. The person shot at draws their own damage. In my case, I seemed to have gravitated towards every gaming-changing token that could be had, such as, damaged engines, head shots, and other things that removed any, if not all, maneuverability. But the second  part is that they are new. This must translate to the "newly painted" issue where they automatically die in the first game. It works, because all of the new planes where shot down first! The rest were target practice for the British.
       Now, the only question I have for my next game of Wings of Glory is how it will play out. Danny got a bunch of new WWI fighters that my wife and I plan to play at his house on the weekend. If they are all new, will they balance out? We will see how that goes. Either way, despite my losses, I still shot down a plane and slightly expected the results. Here are the rest of the game shots. Enjoy!

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