Saturday, June 17, 2017

Sicily Project: Procrastination

This does not have anything to due with my Historicon 2017 scenario. However, there are similar terrain elements in this photo.

    Due to quite a few commission projects, I have found that my time table for my Historicon 2017 Project has been reduced to a month after a 9 month planning period. In a strange way, this is not a business mismanagement as much as a personal one. Though, if you connect the dots, Historicon will bring me more business. This was such a case with Nashcon 2017 recently. I do not need that much business, because I believe that once a hobby turns into a full time business, it stops being a hobby. However, after seeing a publication  of one of my commissions, it all seems worth it. If there was ever a goal with this wargaming hobby of mine, I would love to see people inspire to put forth the effort in terrain  in their hobby as well as take pride in the figures they painted. I think the hobby of wargaming would benefit from such feats!
     So about my current project at hand, I have a lot to due. Here is the official list in less than one month.

  1.  Finish three mats to make a 6' x 18' board.
  2.  Finish painting and making shrubs and trees.
  3.  Finish painting British Infantry.
  4.  Finish painting German Infantry,
  5.  Finish painting German Armor,
  6.  Repaint British Universal Carriers and  Dingos
  7.  Finish painting Railroad tracks.
  8.  Make signs for the game.
  9.  Write historical reports and site them correctly for the game.
  10.  Buy sign holders.
  11.  Make signs for our supporter companies. 
  12.  Win some awards at Historicon!
      Okay, honestly, it was nice to win any award at a convention. I won two at the last convention and was told I was cheated by not winning "Best In Show" last year. Hey, judges judge and like what they want. I won regardless based on happy gamers who played in my game. And that is the point of any convention game, to have a game that the players enjoy! 

     However, I would really love to be published in Wargames Illustrated just so  I can buy a copy for my dad. He is aware that I do a lot for my hobby and I want to show him that it is an important thing that Kalissa and I do for the community. It also justifies my Art Degree in Graphic Design, since I never found a entry level job after I graduated college. It was when the market dropped. Though, he does not hold this against me in anyway, I just thought it would be nice for him to see the art I produce with meaning. Plus, my father always promoted my interest in History. He bought tons of American Civil War books and WWII books for me. I think this combination is what drives me to make great games. 

  Either way, all I know is that I have a lot to do this month and the first half of July. If I get the time, I will finish a commission before Historicon 2017. It will be interesting to say the least!


  1. Wow ... lots to do ... I Know how you feel as conventions/events generally drive all my deadlines as well. FWIW ... I'm just about done writing another article for Wargames Illustrated on the ACW games that use your mats ... so your work is certainly making it into the pages of WI :-)

  2. If you know what issues your games are in, let me know, so I can get a couple of copies. You have great games. Even though, I helped make them happen, it still is a little surreal when I do not paint all of the figures and do 100% of the terrain. It has inspired me to do my own Civil War game next year. I am sure quite a few companies will take my money!