Saturday, August 12, 2017

AAR: Fire And Fury: Viniard Field

     It has been a minute since a good posting. That is at least for this month. Despite playing several games, I was interrupted with an emergency trip to Florida. Normally, you do not get to hear that often. However, before Kalissa and I left, we got to get some American Civil Gaming on during the Saturday before we left. We went over to Danny's house to play the Viniard Field scenario out of Fire And Fury. This is the same Fire and Fury that made it into an article involving Donald Trump. I did not know he wargamed! You would have to look at the article and read it for yourself. It would be rather awesome to see political leaders duke it out on a historical wargaming platform! Here was the article:
Trump: "You need to roll a ten to win on a D-10, North Korea!"

     Anyway, the forces were divided against the four of us. Danny and Tim would play as the Union forces. Eddie, a newcomer, and myself would be the Confederates. The scenario starts out with defensive fire in the woods after Union forces stumbled across the Rebels. The actions seemed stacked against the Confederates. We have to beat them out of the woods, and then, capture a road through two other lines of defense and reinforcements. We also get reinforcements at different times. However, the difficulty increased with the combination of bad rolls between the two of us and Danny's stellar rolling. I mean, he was on fire with awesome rolls! Since we only made it to a halfway point, I am hoping to bring some die rolling magic for the completion. Otherwise, this is not going to end well. Here was the game so far!

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