Thursday, August 24, 2017

AAR: Fire & Fury: Part Two of Viniard Field

     After two weeks, it was back to continue the fight at Viniard Field at our friend, Danny's house. It was the hopes that this time would not be followed up with ridiculously bad rolling for the Confederates played by yours truly and Eddie. However, Eddie was not able to make it, so my wife, Kalissa stepped in his stead. That brought some extra hope, since Kalissa rolls much better than most people. However, I believe the damage was already done.
      With Union reinforcements coming in around the same time as some of the Confederates, it really was not a tide turner for the Rebels. Two of the regiments where quickly repulsed. The original Rebel force was still dealing with stiff resistance from the first force. I found that I still could not touch them. By the time the Union troops decided to withdraw, they had lost a total of four stand of infantry versus the twelve stands. Only one charge went in for the Confederates, but it was repulsed.
      We decided to give up on the whole game, since there were no forces that were "Fresh" for the Confederates when 99% of the Union forces were. They also outnumbered us five to one by this point. The Confederates did have reinforcements, but they were going to show up right where the original attack started. Of course, this was after another full round of more Union reinforcements were to arrive. Tim was running them and even said that there was no reason to fight my wife's forces, since he lost nearly no one. He was just going to send the whole reinforcement strait to my side across the table. And rightly so! Our reinforcements show up two turns after his. The Confederates did not win this battle originally. However, we have been told that the first Union blocking force usually does not survive the whole game. I am always great at breaking scenarios!

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