Sunday, August 13, 2017

AAR: Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Take that, Darth!
      It took a while, but it had finally come to pass that Kalissa and I bought Star Wars: Imperial Assault. We played this game about a year or more ago. We just had other interests in our wargaming to start into a new system or game. However, Kalissa rather had some good luck and pretty much got it for free. Cheap games really help the push into a new game!
    What I like about this game was that you get cool figures that are pretty easy to paint. They will be painted! After the first game, I primed and painted Darth Vader. I am pretty sure the lack of paint gave away any of his advantages. There probably would have not been the situation above at hand, if he was painted. This game also got our friend, William on board with playing. William has played a few wargames, but none that really took his interest. However, he is a big Star Wars fan! There was an easy push into a game. And there are both, a skirmish game and a campaign. Originally, I thought there was only a campaign. That same weekend, we discovered that people play skirmish tournaments. There you go! Awesome!
      Between William, Kalissa, and I we played three games. The pictures show the skirmish game between William and I. The first game was just a tutorial game. The last was the first game of a campaign that William and I set out to play. My wife ran the Imperials to the point of making the Darkside live up to its name. She played them so evil that we don't even have pictures of that game. Darth Vader was also painted by this point. She found a way to bring him on in the first mission. Needless to say, the Rebels did not win the first campaign game. I am sure this might become a theme. If you have not tried out this game, give it a spin. It is well worth it.


  1. Good stuff David! I've had my eye on this for a while - does it feel more like a traditional board game or a rules book miniature game to you?

    1. It is like a board game that runs campaign missions. It has a D & D feel to it. Movement using inch squares could easily be made into a more miniature game.