Sunday, April 30, 2017

Air Traffic Control Issues:Wings of Glory: Danny Vs. My Wife:

      We figured that it was going to be a ligh Saturday of gaming at our house. It seems that everyone was doing something for the great outdoors. Even, Kalissa and I had some plans for that day for a cook out for our friend, Lori's Birthday. But this does not stop rematch challenges in the least. A part of me cannot call it a rematch if the winner was the one who issued it. Yes, by definition, it does not matter whether a winner or loser in the previous game issues one. It just does not happen as often when the winning side asks for it.
    However, it was soon clear in the morning on why. Danny had produced an unopened box with aerial goodies inside. He had recently acquired five new planes. He got two Junker Ju 87 Stukas, one Me Bf 110, and two Hawker Hurricanes. And as a good move for Wings of Glory, they now give you the ability to customize your planes with decals. Before, we had issues with similar or the same models being played where we would maneuver the wrong plane. This is still a problem with the maneuver decks. My thoughts are to color label them for each plane. And now, you can make a historical squadron for the WWII. I have not seen whether they are going for this with the WWI. Either way, it is a good idea!
     Since Danny was going to run with Junker Ju 87 Stukas for the first time, we decided that they had to bomb a target with Kalissa stopping them. Germans win if they bomb. British win if the bombers are shot down. The funny thing is that Kalissa creates some of her own winning conditions that out weight all goals. She wanted to shoot down the large Me 110!  Out of 10 or 11 maneuvers, 3 of them were not at point blank or on top of each other.  If an operator of Air Traffic Control was involved with this game, he was fired at the end of the day! Danny won based on bombing the target, but I think Kalissa had a bigger win by shooting down the Me 110. All I know, is that this game is being played often enough that we are just going to have to make a board. Oh, the horror!

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