Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Air Duel: Danny's Challenge to My Wife in Wings of Glory!

     Not soon after reviewing Flames of War, Kalissa and I were invited over for dinner are our friend, Danny's. So it turned out to be a pleasant day of wargaming and friends. You can't really beat that! Since Danny had not won a game out of the new Wings of Glory for WWII, he decided to challenge my wife, Kalissa in an air duel. Kalissa gets to be the British in airplanes. This seems in her favor already! The only advantage I saw was that she had never played this game.
    As it played out, I was thinking it played exactly the same as the game Danny and I had against each other at our friend, Tim's for a cook out. I did not photo that game! It went like this while I was playing the British. Odd, I know! I lost of Spitefire fairly quick. Then, Danny accidentally flew one of his planes off the table. Then, we ended in a head on game of chicken! He drew an explosion, and I got a 0 for hits. You can actually plug my wife's name into that game for me and it was exactly the same game! Now, she has some interest, we will see how the revenge challenges will work out!

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