Friday, April 28, 2017

Sicily Project: Shermans, Shermans, and Yet More Shermans!

      I figured that we all should view our newest Sherman Tanks in their natural habitat: the table top. I had found some late night time to paint and mostly finish up these tanks. It is only listed as "Mostly" done, because I might add some storage and stuff to them. Also, I found that I was not thinking strait, and glued the tracks on backwards to of the tanks. I have not painted that one, since it was hanging out in the freezer. An explanation of the freezer is that extreme cold weakens the adhesive stick to super glue that has already hardened. I have since, took apart the tank for reassembling. This process works great with metal and resin; not so much with plastics.
      As in the previous post, I found out after my order that I did not get the correct Sherman Tank for the Canadians. This is a minor problem, which got me thinking during my painting. I figured that I will eventually conquer a desert tank game in the future, so I can change them. This idea resulted into time consuming, hand-crapping, hand-painting the models squadron symbols! I figured that that would save money and challenge myself to possible do it. My hands hurt while typing, and I now, hate the shape of a circle! I will be over it, but the previous sentence has only been typed out three hours, since I had finished.  They still came out great. So here are some Sherman tanks frolicking across some terrain to meet up with some Panzer III friends. Enjoy!



  1. Excellent work David. That is a lot of Shermans!

  2. It will be great to see them on the move on a 15 foot board. Of course, they will be shot at along the way!