Sunday, April 2, 2017

AAR: Bolt Action: Springtime For Germans in Italy!

     I had a realization the other day during March Madness that it was an interesting month. I had not played as much of our normal WWII games and I was in a rut with terrain building. A couple of things seemed to stem from this. For one, coming out of February, we had multiple comprises in credit and debt cards. This is something that never happened before the whole chip in the credit card thing that was forced on us. Then, there was finding that I had some defective fur to work with in the last two yards were their were unavoidable holes I could not work around. I guess I am selling them as small individual fields. Then, there was a back order for fur that turned into another back order. Essentially, I had my gaming space reserved for working on projects that I could not work on! So April is going to be different, by golly! Yes siree!
     First thing first for this April is that Kalissa and I decided to play a Bolt Action game. I had just mainly finished up one of many projects for clients that March had backed up for me, so of course, we are going to play on it! It was a fairly simple game of kill or be killed. There was no missions or objectives. It was just an excuse to throw down some dice, especially, since it came to my attention that Kalissa had not played a game all of last month. Her dice throwing seemed a little rusty, but she had fun! Anyway, I actually photographed through an iPhone that downloads our pictures in order. Here was the game and enjoy as usual!

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  1. Looks awesome David. Man, I would love it if my wife gamed ... but alas it isn't her thing.