Tuesday, April 25, 2017

AAR: Bolt Action: Sicilian Slugfest (Part One)

       There is nothing better than meeting new people for wargaming, especially when they are fun players. That does not mean that most people in our hobby do not want to have fun in a game. Well, there might be a few out there to hurt people in games. I have seen that! I just try not let people like that bother me too much. Besides, we all could be doing something else that is boring.
    Anyway, this was  the beginning of my first game with a new Fayetteville resident, Andrew. He contacted us looking for a game of Bolt Action. Of course, I am willing to play new players in a game I love! So we invited him over. Some people tend to be wary with meeting people, and in that matter, meeting people at their home for the first time. If anything I can say about knowledge that my father passed down is the fact I tend to read people rather well. It might have been a management thing back in the day. It is just like understanding that people can be visual or just told to do stuff to get a job done. Everyone works differently in their mindset. I digress!
      So after meeting up and getting to know each other, Andrew and I starting to play a "Maximum Attrition Mission, since it was a meet engagement. Kind of a running joke, since we just met. Ha, Ha, Ha! Never underestimate the Power of the Dorkside!  I set up a Sicily themed board with the British versus the Germans. I let him pick forces, though he gave me the preference. I went with my trusty Germans. Trusty is really a loose term here.
     We made it through half of the game, so far. We stopped at the end of turn Three based on life events: Kids, wives, wives with knives, and such. Hopefully, the conclusion will happen. All I know is that so far, we were having fun! Below are the pictures as usual. Enjoy!

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  1. Looks great David. Very kind of you to be so willing to accept new players so easily!