Thursday, April 20, 2017

Rules Testing and a Recent Game.

     It seems like the last couple of months have turned into one massive array of testing out rule systems for wargaming. I have been changing up various games to play parting away from Bolt Action that we had been playing so frequently in the year before. And that is not a bad thing to say. It has just been more often than normal. Take for instance the game on this post. I cannot really say much about it, since the rules used are still being drawn out. Kalissa and I signed up to play test the rules and give feed back. Other than the rules designed for WWII Combat in 28mm, I am not even sure of the name of the rules officially. And though, we did not sign a non-disclosure agreement, I just assume it so with out the whole other definition of "assume." I just hope it actually pans out this time. Several other play testing games we signed up for were cancelled all together.
    The testing has not just been with unreleased games. We have been playing a lot of new games which is like testing. This Saturday, we are testing out the Late War 4th Edition for Flames of War. It was even suggested to play a game of I Ain't Been Shot Mum for comparison. Personally, they have always been two completely different games. I am sure there will be more and more new games that Kalissa and I will dabble in. In either case, the photos were the shots of our unnamed wargame rules with British Airborne versus the German Fallshirmjager. The game was our normal blood and glory with the Germans being victorious! Enjoy!

The first victims to a Sherman HE shot!

German mortar action!

Mortar hit!

The Sherman finishes off this unit.

Tank duel!

German run into fire in the farm.

More British casualties mount up in the farm during a fire fight.

More Sherman HE hits on target.

Finally, after so many shots, the German Tiger crew wises up and kills something!

The Germans capture the farm.

Mortar fire takes it toll on the British in the wheat field.  

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